One Stop Shop: weekly round up – UFC 167 Warm-up and More


This week’s round up has Buckeyes, Canadians, Rutts and Rice, Amazons and Power Rangers.

The UFC 167 warm-up…

Here’s a training highlight video from the Hendricks fight camp.  Johny travels back to his alma mater, Oklahoma State University to get back to basics in preparation for his fight against GSP.  (Posted by GOHAMARAM)

This video is all sorts of awesome.  The dynamic duo of late night sports TV anchors, Jay and Dan, dressed up as Guns and Roses.  Special Guest Chael P. Sonnen, and a man dressed up as all 5 Village People. (Posted by FOX Sports Live)

The Inside MMA section…

Competitive swimmers remove hair from their bodies in order to shave tenths of a second from their time. Is this the MMA equivalent?  Brian Ebersole may be on to something here…  (Posted by AXS TV Fights)

Here’s this week’s head kick of the week courtesy of Bas and Kenny.  I love it when Bas starts singing. (Posted by AXS TV Fights)

The inspiring…

UFC lightweight Myles Jury speaks to some at risk youth to get them on the right path. (Posted by Myles Jury)

Women’s kickboxing world champion from the Ukraine starts a martial art exclusive to women channeling the Amazon warrior spirit. (Posted by VICE)

The Super Heroes…

Man protects himself when someone draws a gun on him.  This could have gone a lot worse, but at least this guy knew some jiu-jitsu.  (Posted by ZombieProphet)

Here’s a dream match up with the Power Ranger’s White Ranger versus Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion.  Jason David Frank, the man behind the original White Ranger, has been involved in the MMA community with a 4-0 amateur record, and a founder of MMA clothing company Jesus Didn’t Tap. (Posted by batinthesun)

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