MMASucka Product Review: Battle Balm


It doesn’t matter if you’re a striker or grappler. At some point, you will deal with muscle and joint pain. It is with that in mind that Battle Balm developed their product. A topical pain reliever, Battle Balm is produced with organic and natural ingredients, and contains moisturizers to help maintain skin integrity. The company recommends the product for both pre and post-workout use, and sent MMA Sucka a tin of the “Demon” strength balm to use.

As a bigger guy who does jiu-jitsu, I deal with regular soreness in my knees. And with the right amount, I was able to find some relief. You can’t use just a small dab in order to get relief, you have to dig your fingers in and get a good sized dollop. It’s been quite helpful for post-workout use. I did attempt to use it pre-workout, after burning my legs out a couple of days prior, and found that it will indeed help warm up and loosen muscles – but it comes with a caveat. I would not recommend using it under a gi, as I found myself overheating near the end of the one hour class. If you’re going to use this pre-workout, definitely make sure you’re wearing something that will give you adequate ventilation.

Overall, I would recommend Battle Balm to the discerning martial artist, especially those who are concerned about using organic or naturally-sourced products. You can purchase it online at, in original, extra-strength, and “demon” formulations.


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