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In sad recognition of the enduring hardship that professional fighters struggle with long after their battles in the cage are over; MMA legend and UFC hall of famer Mark “The Hammer” Coleman is trying to take down a nasty blood infection related to a recent hip replacement.

Harkening back to the days before Reebok sponsorships, stadium shows and an internet based content distribution network when the reimbursement for fierce combat was far less profitable… Mark’s loyal supporters have reached out t to the grassroots MMA community for monetary support through a crowdfunding campaign to back “The Hammer” in these trying times. While a larger conversation could be had about labour relations in the current climate of mixed martial arts, there is no doubt that some support for Mark Coleman should come from the main benefactor of his archived athletic achievements; Zuffa Entertainment.

All cultures have pioneers. Those pioneers are usually revered and their images are mostly protected. The culture of modern combat sports should be no different. We should care for those who laid the foundation for what we consume on pay-per-view or free television on a monthly basis. More importantly, the organization valued at $1.65 billion USD should be contributing to a pension of sorts for a poster child such as Mark “The Hammer” Coleman. If he is good enough to lend credit to The Ultimate Fighter or a documentary on the success story of the UFC, he should be good enough to support in his time of need.

Whether it was a fight altering head-butt, arm-breaking slams, shoving tiny Japanese referees or being the first true heavyweight champion of MMA; we all remember Mark “The Hammer” Coleman from some pivotal event in the development of combat sports history. His days in PRIDE FC and the UFC are well documented. We should pay tribute in style; with your mind or your wallet. If we want mixed martial arts to be well respected by mainstream society, we need to take the restorative step of establishing a safety net for our wounded warriors. The NFL is being hit hard by concussion-gate and the WWE has been smeared with the stain of substance abuse. But we can’t pony up for ONE hip replacement?

We should all look to the past for guidance and to the future for progress. Mark’s story needs to be heard in another twenty years as a bell-weather for new beginnings. To donate and keep the spirit of generosity alive in the MMA community, visit Mark’s GoFundMe page and donate today at Forget that Wes Sims has a questionable ethical past inside the cage. Recognize a good cause for combat sports. Let “The Hammer” strike again.

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