UFC Fight Night 71: Mir vs Duffee Play-by-Play Live Results


Join MMASucka as we bring you live play-by-play results from UFC Fight Night: Mir vs Duffee.

UFC Fight Night 71: Mir vs Duffee Play-by-Play Live Results

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Andrew Craig vs Lyman Good

Round 1
Both men take center cage and exchange in a small flurry. Craig feints and tests Good’s reactions with elbows and punches. Good lands a few jabs as well as a strong leg kick. A feeling out process ends with Craig landing a clean right hand. Both men exchange head kicks with Craig’s landing cleaner. Good keeps Craig on the outside with strong leg kicks and stiff jabs. Craig eats a high kick after an exchange and Good is able to land a few knees in the clinch to end the round.

MMASucka Scores: 9-10 Lyman Good

Round 2
Good quickly takes the center of the cage and Craig throws lead jabs and hooks to keep Good at bay. After a small exchange Craig eats another strong leg kick. Craig throws a switch kick to the body of Good. Craig tries opening up with an inside leg kick and overhand right combo. Good successfully opes with inside leg kicks to keep Craig guessing. Craig grabs clinch and pushes Good up against the cage to land an elbow to Good. Good takes the back of Craig for a moment and Craig is able to make it back to the feet and break Goods hold. Good lands a short right hand counter to drop Craig and gets full mount. Good pours on strikes from the top and gets the finish.

Official Decision: Lyman Good def. Andrew Craig via TKO (Punches) at 3:37 of Round 2

Kevin Casey vs Ildeman Alcantara

Round 1
Casey comes out in Southpaw, Alcantara in orthodox. Casey lands a heel kick to Alcantara’s lead thigh and pressures him back towards the cage with strikes. Alcantara resets and both men take the the center with Casey landing a left over hand. Alcantara attempts a knee with Casey leaning low with the over hand left and follows up a switch kick. Casey drives for a takedown with Alcantara landing on top and able to easily take Casey’s back. Casey is able to hit a switch from the bottom and lands in Alcantara’s guard. Casey moves Alcantara up against the cage and postures up and is able to move to half guard. Casey lands three hard right hands from top position and takes Alcantara’s back with one hook. Casey again, lands with right hands to Alcantara. Casey drags Alcantara to his back and lands back in Alcantara’s guard. Casey lands two elbows to Alcantara and ends the round on top.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Kevin Casey

Round 2
Both men come out and try to establish their respective ranges. Alcantara is now in the southpaw stance. Lead oblique kick lands for Casey as he chases Alcantara for a short combo. Alcantara is able to land a knee off of a clinch break. Casey moves forward with a strong left lead and right hand follow up punch. Alcantara seems to be able to find his jab with more ease this round with Casey seeking a takedown feint followed by a left overhand. Alcantara continues to circle out of any danger as Casey is constantly looking for a strong left hand. Casey counters with right hand that drops Alcantara and ends up in Alcantara’s guard. Alcantara pulls butterfuly guard and eats left hands as well as an elbow from Casey.

MMASucka Scores: (10-9 Casey) 20-18 Kevin Casey

Round 3
Casey opens up with a quick double jab to Alcantara. Casey keeps Alcantara moving with inside leg kicks as well as front kicks to the body. Oblique kick lands for Casey as he feints level changes to keep Alcantara on his feet. Alcantara lands a knee to the body as Casey comes in for a long jab. Casey lands a strong right hand off a slip of Alcantara’s punches. Again with the strong right hand counter for Kevin Casey. Alcantara seems puzzled with the timing of Casey as well as not wanting to get hit with the right hand counter again. Casey lands multiple inside leg kicks with Alcantara landing a knee while Casey level changes for the fight hand, his cleanest strike of the round so far. Alcantara opens with front kicks to the body, followed up with Casey continuing to push forward and seek the right hand counter. Casey ties up Alcantara with a body lock and pushes out of clinch when Alcantara pulls the dominant position. Casey gets a takedown from the body lock into the half guard of Alcantara to end the round.

MMASucka Scores: (10-9 Casey) 30-27 Kevin Casey

Official Decision: Kevin Casey def. Ildeman Alcantara via Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Preliminary Card

Igor Araujo vs Sean Strickland

Round 1
Araujo takes the center of the cage early and opens with head kicks and leg kicks to establish range on Strickland. Strickland starts the jab up to find a good distance and stay on the outside of kicks. Araujo lands strong kicks to Strickland’s lead leg as well as front kicks to the body. Strickland opens up on Araujo as he backs into the cage. Strickland catches a kick and winds up in Araujo’s guard. Strickland counters Araujo’s sweep attempt and fights off Strickland. Strickland and Araujo scramble with Strickland taking Araujo’s back. Both men return to standing position with Strickland pressuring Araujo up against the cage. Strickland opens up off a break and drops Araujo with a flurry of uppercuts and elbows. Araujo pulls Strickland into his guard and saves himself from McCarthy calling the bout. Strickland grounds and pounds from standing, making Araujo turn and give up his back. Strickland stays heavy on Araujo and pours more strikes onto Araujo. Araujo opens with counters from against the cage and Strickland again ties Araujo up against the cage. Strickland opens up even more with Araujo swinging for the fences trying to counter to close the round.

MMASucka Scores: 9-10 Sean Strickland

Round 2
Araujo starts off strong with switch kicks to the body and a takedown attempt. Araujo lands kicks to the leg and a flush head kick with Strickland pulling a body lock and pushes Araujo towards the cage. Strickland lands a knee to Araujo while exiting the clinch and both men reset to the center. Both men exchange kicks with Strickland pushing forward looking to let his hands go. Araujo swings wildly with a flying knee and spinning back kick to the body attempt. Strickland lands a strong 2-1 combination and it seems Araujo is getting frustrated as he is taken down by Strickland catching a kick. From Araujo’s guard, Strickland looks for posture as he lands punches from the top. Araujo attempts upkicks from the bottom and Strickland lands back in his guard. Strickland postures up and starts to pour on some ground and pound with Araujo still looking for upkicks. Round ends with Strickland looking for more strikes to Araujo from his back.

MMASucka Scores: (9-10) 18-20 Sean Strickland

Round 3
Strickland makes Araujo pay with a takedown off of Araujo’s failed takedown attempt. Strickland looks for a guillotine promoting Araujo to stand up and both men are looking for their range. Strickland lands a right hook and is answered by a leg kick from Araujo. Strickland lands a flush jab and wins a small exchange with Araujo. Araujo opens with a head kick with Strickland answering with a clean 1-2 combo. Araujo attempts a spinning back kick to the body as Strickland continues to frustrate him with his boxing. Araujo beats Strickland to the punch with front kicks to the body. Any offense Araujo attempts to mount is stuffed by Strickland and his jabs as well as his right hook. Araujo pushes forward more with body kicks and swinging haymaker right hands. Strickland lands one more right hand to close the round.

MMASucka Scores: (9-10) 27-30 Sean Strickland

Official Decision: Sean Strickland def. Igor Araujo via Unanimous Decision (30-27×2, 30-26)

Rani Yahya vs Masanori Kanehara
Yahya opens with a step in oblique kick, flying knee attempt and lands a quick takedown. Kanehara turns yahya against the cage but Yahya overpowers him and quickly pushes him back. Yahya maintains control of Kanehara up against the fence and shows his strong ground game. Kanehara lands a few elbows to the body as he tries to push back up to his feet. Yahya switches from both sides to keep Kanehara guessing as he drags him down from the cage. Kanehara makes it back to his feet and Yahya takes his back. Kanehara turns and faces Yaha. Kanehara continues to fight off against Yahya’s takedown but winds up again with his back to the fence. Kanehara gives up his back while standing up and Yahya easily drags him to his back. Kanehara shows his ground game as he escapes into Yaha’s guard and both men stand up. Yaha lands a flush 1-2 combination and continues to pursue another takedown. Kanehara seems to be attacking for an inverted triangle and Yaha continues to grind this ground game with superior top control. Kanehara lands short strikes to close the round.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Yaha

Round 2
Yahya lands a 1-2 combination with Kanehara pursing him. Kanehara answers with a knee to the body off of a short exchange. Kanehara lands a front kick to keep Yahya at bay from his takedowns. Yahya pursues a takedown and ends up pulling an arm in guillotine attempt. Kanehara stays calm and opens up a few body shots to Yahya. Yahya attacks with the guillotine again with Kanehara striking to the body to stay busy. Kanehara fights for mount and ends up in Yahya’s half guard. Kanehara fights for better position from half guard with short strikes trying to soften up Yahya. Referee Jason Herzog stands both men up and Yahya lands a front kick to the cup of Kanehara. Both men continue with Yahya landing another 1-2 combo. Kanehara lands a short uppercut to the body as Yahya is on the back peddle. Yaha attacks for a single leg takedown with Kanehara landing short elbows to the head. Kanehara seems to fight for a guillotine but instead lands a few short strikes to finish up the round.

MMASucka Scores: (9-10 Kanehara) 19-19 Tie.

Round 3
Kanehara lands a knee to the body off of Yahya’s straight right hand to open the round. Kanehara lands a nice jab and is answered by Yahya with a nice 1-2 combo followed by a leg kick. Left hand lands for Kanehara and prompts Yahya to shoot for a takedown. Yaha tries to lock up Kanehara with a body lock and is hit with a leg kick. Kanehara lands a nice body shot and makes Yahya drop down for another takedown attempt. Kanehara works from a near back crucifix and continues to land on Yahya with short strikes to the head of Yaha. Kanehara maintains control of Yahya as he spins out but winds up with his back against the cage again. Jason Herzog stands both men up. Yahya shoots for a takedown off of a front kick from Kanehara. Yahya finishes the double leg takedown but Kanehara gets right back to his feet. Kanehara is out landing Yaha 2:1 in significant strikes as Jason Herzog stands both men up again. Yahya lands the last punch of the round as both men raise their own hands.

MMASucka Scores: (9-10 Kanehara) 28-29 Masanori Kanehara

Official Decision: Rani Yahya def. Masanori Kanehara via Split Decision (29-28,28-29,29-28)

Jessica Andrade vs Sarah Moras

Round 1
Moras comes out with a jab and an early takedown attempt as Andrade swings. Both women in over under control as Andrade hits a nice judo throw and goes back to her feet. Moras throws a strong jab and gets caught with a right hand by Andrade. Moras stuns Andrade for a split second as they exchange and stuffs a takedown attempt by Moras. Andrade lands a nice combination as Moras tries pulling guard and Andrade wants no part of it. Moras successfully pulls guard on Andrade and maintains a very high guard. Andrade softens her up with a few punches as Moras still pursues the high guard. Moras shrimps and tries to attack with an armbar but Andrade defends and stands back up. Moras fails with a takedown attempt and eats a few strikes from Andrade. Andrade lands hammerfists when Moras fails with another takedown attempt. Andrade is in side control, consistently landing short strikes and elbows. Moras lands back in full guard and Andrade wants the stand up game. Andrade ends the round with strikes from the top.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Andrade

Round 2
Moras opens up with a nice jab and lead hook. Andrade lands a nice inside leg and hook combo. Moras lands a nice left hook and pursues a body lock with Andrade judo throwing her to the ground. Andrade postures up from half guard and lands hammerfists constantly. Moras looks to pull guard but Andrade remains heavy and continues to land elbows from the top. Andrade softens Moras up with body shots and ends up back in Moras’s guard. Andrade stands up and looks for more inside leg kicks. They lock up with Andrade lifting Moras and putting her right on her back. Andrade lands more shots from half guard with powerful hammerfists and short inside elbows. Moras looks to move to butterfly guard but Andrade easily passes and lands in more volume from top position. Andrade moves to north-south as well as side controls, landing more shots to Moras to close the round out.

MMASucka Scores: (10-9 Andrade) 20-18 Andrade

Round 3
Both women hug to start round 3. Andrade lands a nice body shot combination and is able to easily drag Moras to the ground. Andrade from side control works for more shots to Moras. Hammerfists land for Andrade as Moras works for some arm locks from the bottom. Andrade wraps up the hands of Moras and lands a few shots, making Moras try to fight for the single leg. Andrade ends up in half guard again and continues to land with a barrage of strikes. Andrade lands strikes from the floor with Moras unable to answer. Both women stand up and Andrade lands a left hookd that forces Moras to attempt another takedown. Andrade easily stuffs it and ends up in Moras’s guard. Moras attempts a triangle from the bottom with Andrade easily shrugging it off. Andrade lands a solid body kick that seems to have hurt Moras. Moras fights for a guillotine after locking up with Andrade and easily fights it off. Moras lands up on top after a failed attempt of a throw by Andrade. Andrade is standing with Moras on her back with a rear naked choke attempt. Andrade fights off the rear naked choke attempy by Moras until the end of the round.

MMASucka Scores: (10-9 Andrade) 30-27 Jessica Andrade

Official Decision: Jessica Andrade def. Sarah Moras via Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Sam Sicilia vs Yaotzin Meza

Round 1
Sicilia opens up with a leg kick to Meza as both men look to establish their range quickly. Sicilia ties up Meza against the cage and hits an inside trip the makes Meza wind up on his back. Meza hits nice heels to Sicilia’s thighs as he maintains control over Sicilia’s arms from the bottom. Sicilia moves towards side control but Meza is able to keep him in his guard. Meza hits a guillotine attempt off of Sicilia’s failed attempt but ends up on bottom with Sicilia in top position. Sicilia moves to half guard and tries passing and ends up with a near guillotine with Meza escaping and giving up his back. Sicilia maintains over under control from Meza’a back and takes his back looking to get hooks in. Meza spins and turns and winds up in half guard from the top. Meza attacks with a guillotine but Sicilia attacks with another guillotine of his own making Meza go back to the ground. Sicilia is in half guard trying to advance position and ends the round standing.

MMASucka Scores: 10-9 Sicilia

Round 2
Meza starts off with a leg kick. Sicilia lands a kick to the arm as he tries moving in to start combos with the hands. Meza hits some strong inside leg kicks and is answered by a switch kick to the body by Sicilia. Meza lands a nice left hook and body kick combo that prompts Sicilia to engage in a body lock. Both me against the cage fight for control with Sicilia pushing Meza off. Sicilia catches a leg kick and fires off a nice left hook counter. Sicilia looks for another guillotine choke as Meza pulls guard to stay out of danger. Meza has one butterfly hook in and tries shrimping to take Sicilia down as both men end back up on their feet. Sicilia easily stuffs a takedown attempy by Meza and both men exchange with winging punches. Meza barely misses with a head kick as both men try and reset their momentum in the fight. Meza hits a nice leg kick as Sicilia moves in looking for a combo. Meza finishes a single leg takedown and lands a few strikes from the top to finish off round 2.

MMASucka Scores: (10-9 Sicilia) 20-18 Sicilia

Round 3
Sicilia looks to land a left hook with Meza circling out. Sicilia attacks with the guillotine again with Meza able to turn out of it and ends up on the bottom in half guard. Sicilia seems to overpower Meza, forcing him to his guard and looks for strikes. Sicilia lands 3 left hands to Meza from the bottom and attacks with position changes. Meza spins out and pushes Sicilia to the cage but ends up in a guillotine attempt. Meza turns out and ends up again on his back. Meza is in butterfly guard and Sicilia forces his will with pushing toward mount. Sicilia is relentless on attacking the front guillotine as Meza fends it off again. Meza makes it back to his feet and is looking a single leg which winds up with Sicilia on his bacl. Both me return to standing the center of the cage as Meza opens up with 1-2 combos. Meza attacks with his own guillotine and in the scramble ends up on Sicilia’s back attacking with an armbar. Sicilia slips out ad ends up back in Meza’s guard. Meza ends up on top after Sicilia tries almost too hard to attack from half guard and closes out the round on top.

MMASucka Scores: (10-9 Sicilia) 30-27 Sam Sicilia

Official Decision: Sam Sicilia def. Yaotzin Meza via Unanimous Decision (30-27,29-28,29-28)

Main Card

Alan Jouban vs Matt Dwyer

Round 1
Jouban comes out in Southpaw opposite to Dwyer’s orthodox stance. Both men exchange early with Dwyer landing a left hook to end it. Dwyer sets up a nice front kick to the midsection of Jouban. Dwyer drops Jouban with a quick right hand and Dwyer pulls for a guillotine and ends up on his back. Jouban looks to advance position until Dwyer explodes and jumps back to his feet. Dwyer gets a body lock after Jouban moves forward looking for a combination. Jouban has the advantage in position up against the cage as he misses with a huge right hand off the break. Dwyer looks for the front kicks as well as switch kicks to keep Jouban at bay. Jouban chases Dwyer down as he rocks him off a combo from the clinch. Dwyer drops to the floor and Jouban hits a knee to a downed opponent. Referee Herb Dean deducts a point from Alan Jouban and the two man reset. Dwyer ends the round landing a front kick and kick to the body.

MMASucka Score: 10-8 Dwyer

Round 2
Dwyer opens with a head kick and front kick, looking to keep Jouban on the outside. Dwyer lands a left hand on the break of a clinch. Another left lands for Dwyer as Jouban seems to be just out of reach. Dwyer seems to be wanting the left lead hook and Jouban circles out away from him. Jouban eats a knee to the body but answers with a strong kick to Dwyer’s midsection. Jouban lands a nice head kick and Dwyer responds with another body kick to . Jouban lands a nice hook counter as Dwyer charges in. Both men throwing all power into these hits as it seems the counters work best for both. Jouban stuffs a takedown attempy and seemingly hurts Dwyer with a body kick. Jouban uses a superman punch to cover distance and hold Dwyer against the cage with a body lock. Jouban lands a nice elbow off the break with Dwyer answering back with front kick. Jouban floors Dwyer with a head kick and swarms Dwyer. Dwyer fights to his feet and gets caught with a left hand from Jouban. Jouban lands to the body and to the head with a combination of punches. Jouban pushes the pace with Dwyer winging uppercuts and overhands. Jouban lands a cartwheel kick to end the round.

MMASucka Scores: (9-10 Jouban) 19-18 Dwyer

Round 3
Jouban looks to push the pace as he know she needs a big round. Jouban cuts off the Octagon as Dwyer looks to circle out. Jouban chases Dwyer down and lands leg kicks until it seems a poke to eye disturbs him. Dwyer wings hooks looking for a heavy knockout as Jouban continues to pursue him. Dwyer opens with a head kick as he tries to get on the outside of Jouban. Jouban lands a nice switch kick to the body and is answered by Dwyer with a head kick. Dwyer lands front kicks and keeps Jouban on the outside with his long range attacks. Jouban’s left eye seems to be bothering him as he covers it up when Dwyer attempts to attack. Jouban flurries from the clinch and hits a takedown right into side control. Dwyer is attacking for a kimura from the bottom as Jouban attacks the body. Dwyer gives up the kimura as Jouban retains top game with knees to the body. Jouban pours some grond and pound with both men swinging to the finish and the fight ends with Dwyer on top after another carthweel kick attempt.

MMASucka Scores: (10-9 Dwyer) 29-27 Matt Dwyer

Official Decision: Alan Jouban def. Matt Dwyer via Unanimous Decision (29-27×3)

Kevin Lee vs James Moontasri

Round 1
Lee takes the center of the Octagon from the get go. Moontasri has his back to the cage as he looks the throw over hands and uppercuts to Lee. Moontasri throw s ahufe over hand right and eats a leg kick to the body. Both men exchange jumping kicks and look to be the aggressor. Moontasri lands a nice inside leg kick as Lee moves in with the jab. Both men poked each other in the eye with a short time break. Moontasri catches a kick and Lee lands two short right hands as he takes Moontasri down with a back suplex. Lee maintains a body triangle from Moontasri’s back as he ends up high on the back of Moontasri. Lee is looking to sink in a rear naked choke and he has his back with the body triangle fully in. Moontasri is forced to tap.

Official Decision: Kevin Lee def. James Moontasri via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 2:56 of Round 1

Scott Jorgensen vs Manvel Gamburyan

Round 1
Gamburyan quickly takes the center of the Octagon and misses a winging right hand. Jorgensen gets tagged with a short left and lifts Gamburyan for a takedown but gets caught in a guillotine attempt. Jorgensen ends up in a dominant position after a wild scramble until Gamburyan is able to put Jorgensen on his back. Gamburyan, in Jorgensen’s guard lands strikes to the body as he moves to Jorgensen’s back. Gamburyan powers Jorgensen to the floor as Scott tries manuvering to a better position. Jorgensen lands an unintentional low blow to Gamburyan against the fence as he tries to fight off Gamburyan. They rest in the over under position as Gamburyan seems to easily overpower Jorgensen. Gamburyan gets a huge high double leg takedown and in the scramble Jorgensen winds up on top of Gamburyan. Gamburyan knocks down Jorgensen after a counter while Jorgensen tried hurting Gamburyan from the floor. Gamburyan scores another big takedown slam. Gamburyan lands a nice body kick and the round ends with both men feinting each other out.

MMASucka Scores: 9-10 Gamburyan

Round 2
Gamburyan again, takes center control. Jorgensen is showing better footwork this round as he tries to find opening in Gamburyan’s defense. Gamburyan lands a low blow on accident and time is called. Both men return to action with Gamburyan pushing forward. Jorgensen lands a nice leg kick and continues to show the better footwork of the two. Gamburyan rushes in and works for a single leg takedown off the cage. Jorgensen is taken down for a short while but jumps to his feet and lands a nice body kick. Jorgensen fights for a single with Gamburyan countering with a guillotine attempt allowing Jorgensen to spin out of it. Jorgensen maintains front control landing knees and ties up with Gamburyan against the fence. Gamburyan lands a big right hand on the break. Gamburyan lands a small up elbow as he pushes Jorgensen back. Gamburyan pushes Jorgensen up towards the cage and fights for a single leg takedown. Jorgensen lands small elbows the the head of Gamburyan as he commits to the takedown. Jorgensen successfully defends Gamburyan getting his back and another scramble ends with Gamburyan on top back side control. Jorgensen eats some knees to his thighs and chest to close the round.

MMASucka Scores: (9-10 Gamburyan) 18-20 Gamburyan

Round 3
Jorgensen stays on the outside moving his feet and wanting to get the better of the standup exchanges. Jorgensen lands a few outside leg kicks to fend off any takedown attempts and is answered by leg kicks from Gamburyan. Jorgensen lands a straight jab while Gamburyan lands his own body kick. Gamburyan lands a clean left hook over the top while cutting angles off of Jorgensen. Jorgensen answers with a few nice single hits and moving to the outside. Left hook lands for Jorgensen and Gamburyan pushes forward to stop the activity of Jorgensen. Gamburyan eats a knee after a failed takedown attempt. Jorgensen eats a leg kick after trying to circle out to find his strikes. Back and forth exchanges favoring Gamburyan as he lands with more volume as well as more power. He fights for another takedown with Jorgensen up against the fence. The bell ends with both men swinging for combinations.

MMASucka Scores (9-10 Gamburyan) 27-30 Manvel Gamburyan

Official Decision: Manvel Gamburyan def. Scott Jorgensen via Unanimous Decision (30-27×3)

Holly Holm vs Marion Reneau

Round 1
Holm comes out in Southpaw stance while Reneau is in the orthodox. Holm is looking for oblique kicks to the lead leg of Reneau. Reneau opens up with front kicks to try and keep the former boxer at bay. Holm cathes Reneau in a clinch for a brief second and ends with a leg kick on the exit. Reneau returns fire with a head kick that just barely lands on Holm. Holm leads with a side kick to the body of Reneau and continues to push her back. Kicks seem to be way Holm opens this fight as she has yet to let her hands go. Reneau blocks a head kick attempt and barely misses with a hook counter. Outside leg kick for Holm finds its mark as she continues to fight long against the shorter Reneau. Reneau chases Holm down looking for a punch to land. Holm attempts a spinning back kick to the body. Holm lands a high kick and follows up with a strong leg kick. Reneau fires back with a leg kick of her own and a front kick to end the round.

MMASucka Score: 10-9 Holm

Round 2
Holm lands an oblique kick to open the second round. Reneau lands a strong inside leg kick. Holm lands a head kick set up by her punches. Holm lands a power leg kick, Reneau tries tying her up and Holm lands a nice body kick on the break. Holm lands a nice combination with her hands and ends it with a nice body kick. Reneau seems to be blinking more and more after every head kick by Holm. Holm starts letting her hands go and the combination of 1-4 seems to be landing. Reneau seems to be getting frustrated as Holm lands kicks and punches almost at will. Holm lands a side kick to the body that sends Reneau back peddling. The oblique kick continues to be the go to kick of Holm as she mixes it up with body kicks and starts to open up with Reneau on the fence. Holm catches the leg of Reneau and pulls guard standing. Holm throws Reneau to the mat and looks for kicks from the top. Reneau ends the round on the mat.

MMASucka Score: (10-9 Holm) 20-18 Holm

Round 3
Reneau tries to cover the distance between the two with Holm metting her with combinations and oblique kicks. Reneau catches a side kick og Holm and lands a small hook counter. Holm opens up with combos ending with body kicks. The lead upper cut, straight right hand, body kick is there for Holm. Holm lands a 1-2 off of Reneau’s jab. Reneau eats a leg kick and tries returning. Reneau slips as a leg kick to the knee drops her. Holm attempts a spinning back kick and Reneau steps out of the way. Holm lands two hard leg kicks to Reneau as she tries faking low and going high with her kicks. Holm fends off Reneau’s advancing with jabs and a hook kick. Holm agains lands a strong side kick to the body. Reneau pulls guard and tries to lock up a triangle with Holm moving back to the feet. Holm closes the round with a nice combination followed with body kicks.

MMASucka Score: (10-9 Holm) 30-27 Holly Holm

Official Decision: Holly Holm def. Marion Reneau via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-26,29-28)

Josh Thomson vs Tony Ferguson

Round 1
Ferguson changes stances multiple times out of the gate and starts with leg kicks. Thomson catches a leg kick by Ferguson and takes him to the ground. He tries a second takedown with Ferguson rolling out of it. Tony fires back with front kicks to the body and Thomson answers with a frontkick of his own. Ferguson lands a stiff jab through Thomson’s guard and mixes it up with kicks. Ferguson sticks with the front kicks and lands a flush leg kick that seemed to buckle Thomson for a second. Thomson tries landing a combination as Ferguson comes in with the leg kick. Ferguson attempts a stepping front kick and a flying knee that Thomson catches for the takedown. Ferguson attacks with an inverted triangle but Thomson easily escapes it into Ferguson’s guard. Ferugson fights for an armbar and Thomson looks for strikes from the top. The round closes with Thomson on top.

MMASucka Score: 9-10 Ferguson

Round 2
Ferguson starts with another front kick to the body of Thomson.Ferguson pushes forward on Thomson and looks to hit a switch kick to the body of Thomson. Ferguson lands an inside elbow that floors Thomson and continues to rain down strikes. Ferguson pulls the crucifix from Thomson’s back and continues to strike the injured Thomson. Tony is landing small elbows to the temple. Herb Dean stands them up with Tony Ferguson grabbing the fence making him lose the position. Thomson looks for backfists off of strikes and Ferguson looks for leg kicks and punches. Thomson gets cut above the eye and Ferguson, getting aggressive lands on his back but into a triangle position. Ferguson rains down elbows from the bottom as he pulls for the triangle but Thomson escapes and ends up in Ferguson’s guard. Ferguson is looking for a kimura arm lock but Thomson is able to scramble and ends up giving his back to Ferugson. From the back side control Ferguson continues to land strikes to Thomson. Thomson fights for a single leg takedown but eats an inside elbow and both men swing to the end of the round.

MMASucka Score: (9-10 Ferguson) 18-20 Ferguson

Round 3
Ferguson starts the round by chasing down Thomson. Tony attempts a flying knee and Thomson is able to swing some punches to Ferguson. Ferguson easily slips under a slow left hook by Thomson. Ferguson attacks with short elbows from the close range and follows up with the same front kicks. Ferguson lands a third elbow to Thomson’s head and stuffs a desperation takedown from Thomson. Tony Ferguson looks the crisper of the two men and kicks his offense up with leg kicks and body shots. Tony Ferguson landing at will is looking for a spinning elbow and easily pushing Thomson back with jabs and body kicks. Ferguson lands a knee to the body that floors Thomson however, Josh makes it back to his feet and Thomson lands a spinning backfist to counter. Ferguson moves forward with more strikes and Thomson pushes him against the cage looking for a trip. The round ends with Thomson holding Ferguson’s back until the bell.

MMASucka Score: (9-10 Ferguson) 27-30 Tony Ferguson

Official Decision Tony Ferguson def. Josh Thomson via Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-26)

Frank Mir vs Todd Duffee

Round 1
No touching of the gloves before the start of the bout. Duffee pushes forward with two jabs. Mir returns with counters. Mir lands with a big left hand to Duffee and rocks him. Mir lands again and throws a big knee from the clinch. Duffee pushes forward after their reset and lands a stiff jab but Mir counters with a huge left hook and knocks Duffee out cold. John McCarthy steps in and saves Duffee from more punishment.

Official Decision Frank Mir def. Todd Duffee via KO (Punch) at 1:13 of Round 1

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I am a 20 year old college student with a passion for MMA media and write for MMASucka. You can follow me on Twitter at @AwildKyle, it's always nice to meet new MMA enthusiasts.

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