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Eye of the Storm MMA Podcast Ep. 55 – XFFC Head Darren Cliffe

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After another crazy in MMA, the Eye of the Storm MMA Podcast is back! With the announcement of TUF 24’s cast of flyweight champions, host Justin Pierrot felt it was only right to sit down with the man behind one of those champs. Xcessive Force Fight Championship head Darren Cliffe joins the podcast to talk about his 125 lbs. kingpin, Yoni Sherbatov, being selected for the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter. The XFFC main man also talks about the challenges of booking shows outside of Alberta, how the spin-off from the Oil & Gas Industry crash has effected his promotion, and what new fighters can do to help themselves stand out from the pack. It’s a great episode from yet another perspective in the fight game, and it’s a must listen for those of you wanting to get booked in Northern Canada’s top MMA promotion!

Eye of the Storm MMA Podcast Ep. 55 – XFFC Head Darren Cliffe

Additionally, Allen Alfred, a training partner of both Justin and Christiaan’s from Budo MMA, was viciously assaulted by a gang recently. Due to the damage done by his assailants, Allen’s dental reconstruction bills are looking to exceed $23,000, and because of that, he needs help. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Allen cover these, and if any of you fine listeners can help, we ask that you do here.

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