Mark Hunt: “F*** the UFC”

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“The problem is everyone these days, ‘man, I want to get into the UFC.’ F*** the UFC. You’re s***. You motherf***ers don’t look after nobody.”

Mark Hunt: “F*** the UFC”

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt made some heated statements regarding the UFC on Monday during his interview with Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

Hunt, who has been fighting in the Octagon since 2010, has been furious since finding out that his UFC 200 opponent Brock Lesnar tested positive for a banned substance.

He initially asked for half of Lesnar’s $2.5 million purse, but then changed his response to wanting all of it. Hunt said the following on Twitter, “Well I wanted half but have changed my mind cheaters shouldn’t get shit I want all of it cheaters don’t deserve shit

After finding out that a second Lesnar test was positive as well, Hunt enraged on Helwani’s show.

“No one’s bothered to call me about anything about those cheating mother(expletive),” Hunt said. “You know what’s the worst thing about the whole scenario? The UFC’s not doing (expletive) about it. They’re not doing a damn thing about these cheating monkeys. This is the third time I’ve fought someone’s who’s been cheating. You lose 20 percent when you miss weight. But when you get caught for doping, for sticking needles in your ass, what do you get? You get nothing. They just give you, ‘Here’s a two-year ban. See you later.’”

Hunt believed that Lesnar was doping prior to the fight, however the former NCAA wrestler stated he was just a “jacked white boy.”

“Before the fight, I was assuming he was cheating,” Hunt said. “Look at him. There’s no way that guy makes 265 pounds. The guy’s a gimp. He’s sticking needles in his ass like the rest of these cheaters. … These guys are cheating, and they should be in court for it – lose all their money for cheating. If I die in there, who’s going to look after my family? … These mother(expletive) should be penalized hard. Dirty, scummy, cheating scum – that’s how that monkey won his world title. You didn’t do it by doing it clean. You did it by cheating.”

It doesn’t seem that Hunt cares about what the UFC thinks at this point in time, in fact he flat out tells them that their company is s**t.”

“I’ll go and work somewhere else. Like I said, I don’t give a s***. If we’ve got to sue their asses, well then f*** you, you’re going to get sued. You scummy c**ts. The problem is everyone these days, ‘man, I want to get into the UFC.’ F*** the UFC. You’re s***. You motherf***ers don’t look after nobody.

“We’ll let this f***ing white piece of s*** f***ing stick needles in his ass and say, ‘oh, he’s going to take us all the way to the f***ing bank.’ Let’s give him f***ing millions of dollars and not worry about this motherf***er. You know what? F*** that and f*** your s**t company. Look at that for a contract. You can sue me on that, motherf***ers.”

“People are scared for years because the company is going to get them. Well, f*** the company. They don’t give a s**t about you or anyone else. If I walk away now, I don’t care. I walk away knowing that I haven’t cheated to get in this spot. I can keep my head [up] and say, you know, I might have to make a lot of different sacrifices to change the way things are, but so be it. That’s fine. At least I knew that I went to the top and all you find at the top are dirty f***ing scummy cheaters, and a company that’s going to help them do it.

“I’ll be comfortable with that. There’s no way I even worry about that. You get told that it’s a clean sport, and people are testing, they’re doing this and that, that’s fine you’re doing all that testing, but what penalties are these monkeys giving them? You’re not giving no penalties at all. USADA, f***ing NASA, whatever the f*** they are, what penalties are they giving them? Nothing. They’re just saying, ‘oh hey, we caught this guy cheating and he has to give us all this money.’ Why the f*** should you get it? Why should they get that s***? They’re not the ones who lost. They’re not the ones who had their brand go down. I didn’t say anything when I beat the other two guys who I fought who were cheating, and probably the rest of the other cheaters that I fought, but at the end of the day, enough is enough.”

Check out Mark Hunt unloading on The MMA Hour below.

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