Floyd Mayweather’s Master Plan

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Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor is history. It is in the books. But, Floyd isn’t done with Dana White yet.

In retirement, people get bored. They travel, buy ridiculous cars, amongst other things. Floyd Mayweather is now post retirement. But with fighting in his DNA, his mid life crisis is a bit different from the rest of us.

This post isn’t based on some inside source I have with Floyd Mayweather. It’s not concrete, nor fact. It’s simply based on my observations with Mayweather and White throughout their careers surrounding this flirtation with a Mayweather bout inside the Octagon.

As I stated earlier, Mayweather IS fighting. He’s the perfect boxer, with a 50-0 record. Never knocked out, never knocked down. Before he loses a bout to Father Time, he retired from boxing having accomplished everything he’s wanted competing in boxing. It’s time for a new challenge.

Boxing is suffering from fragmentation. You know it, Floyd knows it, and everyone else knows it. WBC, IBF, WBA, and WBO is confusing to casual fans and unification fights are too few and far between. There needs to be one champion.

Who has the best of the best (for the most part) and has (for the most part) one champion per weight class? This man:

Jul 12, 2017; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; UFC president Dana White speaks at the podium before Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather speak during a world tour press conference to promote the upcoming Mayweather vs McGregor boxing fight at Budweiser Stage. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

So, once everything is squared away with WME, Zuffa will almost assuredly have the same caliber of fighters that the other four major organizations have given White’s eyes for talent. You will then have Zuffa, WBA, WBC, WBO, and IBF. You can then look for Zuffa to buy up competing organizations that are direct competitors (see Pride, Strikeforce etc. with the UFC).

Also let’s not forget that Dana White’s son recently picked up a win in the ring against Andre LeClerc.


The Diabolical Scheme 

This is where Floyd Mayweather and TMT comes into play. Mayweather is a shrewd business man. He is very good at hedging his bets and I’m willing to bet he sees a boxing reformation ripe for the making. Boxing is vulnerable right now. All it will take is one game changer and the entire game will follow suit. But, as Ricky Bobby stated:

“If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

Simply put, Mayweather wants a seat at the table with Zuffa. Floyd needs Zuffa just like Zuffa needs Floyd and TMT. Why would any new guy want to come up and not be promoted by the guys that do the UFC and by the TMT juggernaut? They feed off each other.

So now, after White and Conor McGregor did Mayweather a favor, one last giant, record-setting boxing match, Mayweather now wants to play ball.

After flirting with an MMA rematch with Conor McGregor, talks seemingly stalled out. Plenty of MMA fighters welcomed Floyd into the Octagon. Now, more recently, reports have come out that Mayweather has been training with UFC welterweight champ Tyron Woodley on his wrestling, which Woodley is incredibly adept at.

Even TMZ has been quoted saying that Mayweather’s wrestling is “7/10” and kicking was “4/10.” I still take that with a grain of salt, but all signs point to Floyd Mayweather getting a UFC bout in the near future.

Do you know what that means for Dana White? Money. And a lot of it. Now Floyd and Dana have mutually benefit each other. Time for a joint venture, right?

Floyd is a master tactician in and out the ring. Everything he does has a purpose behind it.

That’s not enough? Take a look at this:

Get ready, because it’s happening. Zuffa Boxing presented by TMT Promotions, coming soon.

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