The TUF 27 TUFtermath: Episode 7

The TUF 27 TUFtermath

We’ve now arrived at episode seven of TUF Season 27! This week on The Ultimate Fighter, Richie Smullen of Team Cormier will square off with Team Miocic’s Allan Zuniga. We’ll also see if the injury bug continues to affect . So, without further ado, here we go!

The Big Three

#1) Good and Bad – Ricky Steele came back to the house after his post-fight medicals in a good mood. He did not break any bones in his feet, and was only suffering from contusions there. However, he did note he was having concussion-like symptoms. These continued long enough for coach Daniel Cormier to force Steele to get an MRI and cognitive assessment. While the MRI was clear, Steele’s cognitive assessment was not at a level where the neurologist felt comfortable clearing him to fight. Ricky Steele is now the second fighter from Team Cormier to fall victim to the injury bug.

#2) Injury and Irony- Richie Smullen, according to both himself and housemates, is a leglock ace. He is not, however, immune to irony. While warming up for the fight, his calf cramped up and would not relent. Even given time, the cramp in Smullen’s leg left him unable to walk without assistance. This left the doctors with no choice but to declare him unable to fight. Daniel Cormier has now lost three fighters to the injury.

#3) Breakfast in Bed – Bryce Mitchell is the guy you want on your team if you’re hurt. He made a point of bringing breakfast up to his likely-concussed teammate, Ricky Steele, to minimize the amount of moving he’d have to do. It wasn’t just a bowl of cereal, either, but a full breakfast!

The Stock Report

None. There was no fight.

The Fight

There was no fight. The only fight was against tears, with both Allan Zuniga and Richie Smullen being overcome with emotion as the bout was called off. Allan Zuniga will move on to the semi-finals.

Next week, Stipe Miocic sends Dulani Perry out to do battle with Team Cormier’s Tyler Diamond in the last preliminary featherweight bout. Keep it locked to for the next TUFtermath!


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