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Jose Aldo Leg Kick Highlight

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Jose Aldo, leg terrorist. Since his days in the WEC (RIP), the Brazilian limb-destroyer has earned a reputation for low kicking with fury and grace.

While they’ve long been prominent, his vicious leg kicks reached mythical popularity after a particularly ugly beating of Urijah Faber. The former WEC featherweight champion’s leg was so battered, his cornerman had to carry him to the stool between rounds.

While Aldo’s low kicks have never directly resulted in a stoppage, just one or two can have a dramatic impact on any given fight. It is with great disappointment fans have observed the diminishing presence of Aldo’s kicking game.

Injuries and stamina issues are rumored to be the cause. While Aldo hasn’t looked quite himself as of late, he did issue his best leg kicking performance in years in the rematch against Max Holloway.

It’s possible we’ll never see a sustained, masterful leg-murdering from Jose Aldo ever again. Before his bout with Jeremy Stephens on Saturday, savor the good times. Check out this brief highlight of Jose Aldo’s leg kicks, from Pancrase to UFC 218.

Jose Aldo Leg Kick Highlight

It’s neat to see the progression of his setups and execution. In his UFC career, Aldo’s leg kicking peaked in the Hominick and Lamas fights. Both of those fights saw Aldo badly gassed in the fifth round.

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