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QUINTET 3 Live Results and Play-by-Play

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It’s time! QUINTET is finally upon us. Stay tuned to MMA Sucka for the latest updates and QUINTET 3 results, all available here.

QUINTET’s unique, team grappling format creates a survival, winner-stays-on competition. Each team comprises five grapplers, with notable names from judo, jiu-jitsu, and MMA.

The action kicks off with Team Sakuraba, led by the team’s namesake, UFC Hall of Famer Kazushi Sakuraba. The legendary grappler’s team will face Team Alpha Male, led by gym founder (and another UFC Hall of Famer) Urijah Faber.

QUINTET 3 Results

1st Special Match

Nicky Ryan submits Hideo Tokoro (RNC)

The first matchup of the night was, by definition, special. 17-year-old Nicky Ryan took on a man who made his professional MMA debut before Ryan was born, Hideo Tokoro. Ryan, the younger brother of ADCC gold medalist Gordon Ryan, reasserted his phenom status in this match.

Tokoro initiated the action will a rolling entry, and a leglock tangle ensued. Tokoro stood, and Ryan began playing guard. A scramble ensued, and Nicky Ryan transitioned to the back of Tokoro.

One body triangle and a masterful sequence of control later, and Nicky Ryan secured a rear-naked choke. The prodigy scores a submission win over the Japanese Tokoro, continuing his unparalleled and unbelievable rise to superstardom within the world of grappling.

Semi-Final 1 – Team Sakuraba vs. Team Alpha Male Results

Kazushi Sakuraba draws with Urijah Faber (DRAW)

In the first match of the QUINTET tournament portion of the event, two UFC Hall of Famers went head to head to open the first round.

The beginning of the match consisted of a struggle for a takedown but drew the ire of the mat’s referee, who issued a warning. Urijah Faber was able to use a scramble to gain entry to side control and began work.

The smaller Faber used a significant amount of pressure, particularly on the head and neck of Kazushi Sakuraba. As guest commentator Miesha Tate noted, that is indicative of Team Alpha Male’s overarching style. Yet another referee warning ensued, but Sakuraba again found himself in the bottom position.

Faber dove after a toe-hold, but despite a valiant effort, Sakuraba was able to spring himself free. After a series of scrambles, Faber again went back to his toe-hold. With seconds remaining, Faber’s grip on the submission tightened, but Sakuraba held on through the end of the round.

The two MMA legends fought to a draw, eliminating both of them from the round in what can only be described as an entertaining, fast-paced match.

Antoine Jaoude draws with Daisuke Nakamura (DRAW)

In the second match of the round, Team Alpha Male’s number two grappler, Brazil’s Antoine Jaoude, faced Team Sakuraba’s second grappler, Japan’s Daisuke Nakamura.

The Brazilian wrestler significantly outweighed his Japanese counterpart, but what Nakamura lacked in stature he made up for in speed and acrobatic attacks, including a flying armbar attempt and a flurry of scrambles.

Jaoude, through essentially a glorified shove, established top position on Nakamura, but Nakamura was able to get back to his feet. An ill-fated takedown attempt from Nakamura led to a stretch of top position from Jaoude, who settled in half-guard.

Time expired with Jaoude in half-guard, but Nakamura’s impressive showing against the larger man led to a draw, which eliminated both men from the series.

Gordon Ryan submits Josh Barnett (Triangle)

In a match everyone wanted to see, John Danaher black belt Gordon Ryan faced MMA legend, Josh Barnett.

Ryan played butterfly guard, willfully engaging the much larger Barnett. He used a beautiful butterfly sweep to gain top position and began working to pass the guard. Ryan passed effortlessly into the mount, but Barnett attempted to sweep.

As Barnett reversed position, Ryan attacked with – and secured – a triangle choke. The choke, just minutes into the match, forced a tap from Barnett.

Gordon Ryan continued on to face Marcos Souza.

Gordon Ryan submits Marcos Souza (RNC)

In his second match of the night, Gordon Ryan faced Marcos Souza. After a series of takedowns, Ryan established top position. Souza played a defensive butterfly guard, aiming to keep the American from passing.

Despite Souza’s efforts, Ryan passed into side control and then instantly to mount. Ryan’s mount was deemed inactive by the mat’s referee, leading to a stand-up and an incredulous shrug from Ryan. Immediately, Ryan resumed top control, attempting to pass the guard of Souza.

Ryan transitioned to the back of Souza and began systematically dismantling the Sakuraba team member. He established a body triangle, isolated an arm of Souza’s, and sunk in the rear-naked choke, forcing a tap from Souza.

Gordon Ryan submits Marcos Souza, advancing to face Roberto Satoshi Souza, the brother of his now-vanquished foe.

Gordon Ryan draws with Roberto Souza (DRAW)

In his third match of the opening round, Gordon Ryan faced Roberto Souza. The younger Souza focused on tying up the arms of Ryan early on the feet, prompting Ryan to pull guard.

Souza aggressively stabbed into Ryan’s open guard, but could not pass. Ryan got back to his feet and securing a quick double leg. The two tangled legs and Souza used a scramble to take top position.

As time expired, Souza repeatedly aimed to pass the guard, and due to a referee’s stand up, got Ryan’s back in a positional restart. With just seconds left, he was unable to secure a submission.

Despite the match being a draw, Team Alpha Male secured more wins than Team Sakuraba, punching their ticket to the finals.

Team Alpha Male def. Team Sakuraba, Advanced to Finals

Semi-Final 2 – Team 10th Planet vs. Team Polaris

PJ Barch submits Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro (Armbar)

In the first match between Team 10th Planet and Team Polaris, jiu jitsu legend “Shaolin” Ribeiro faced former NCAA D-1 wrestler, PJ Barch.

Ribeiro pulled guard early, negating the wrestling base of Barch. A battle ensued in half-guard, and Ribeiro’s veteran craftiness showed as he picked up a nifty sweep to top position.

A referee’s stand up began, with warnings issued to both competitors for inactivity. It should be noted, however, QUINTET’s idea of inactivity is much less generous than that of other competitions.

After the stand-up, Barch passed the guard of Ribeiro momentarily, but “Shaolin” quickly regained half-guard. Barch attempted to isolate the left arm of Ribeiro but lost the position as the elder competitor rolled through.

From bottom half-guard, Barch searched for a kneebar, but Ribeiro was able to weather the storm and retain top half-guard. Just moments later, Barch again went for the kneebar, this time much closer to finishing the submission. Again, however, Ribeiro avoided being finished, triangling the targeted leg.

With a minute to go, Barch was able to transition to the back of Ribeiro, sinking in a hook on a turtling “Shaolin”. Barch switched to attacking the arm, rolling through into a belly-down armbar on the edge of the mat, prompting a tap from in a massive upset.

PJ Barch advanced to face Gregor Gracie.

Gregor Gracie submits PJ Barch (Kneebar)

In his second match of the night, Barch faced Team Polaris’ Gregor Gracie. In the opening minute, Gracie used a foot sweep to take down Barch.

A series of inversions and leg attacks followed, with the audible calls of Barch’s coach, Eddie Bravo, echoing through the arena. As a result of the scramble, Barch ended up on top.

From the bottom, Gracie triangled the legs of Barch and secured a tight kneebar, instantly leading to a tap from Barch.

Gracie put Team Polaris on the board and advanced to face Amir Allam.

Gregor Gracie submits Amir Allam (Kimura)

In Gracie’s second match, he faced Team 10th Planet’s Amir Allam. Allam, a high school wrestler, looked to attack the neck of Gracie, ending up on top.

A stand-up quickly followed, and Gracie fired back with a takedown. After the two got back to their feet, Allam took Gracie down and moved to north-south. The two scrambled up yet again, leading to another battle for a takedown.

Gracie, again in top half-guard, attempted to channel his inner-Alexey Oleinik with a no-gi Ezekiel choke, but Allam was able to get to his feet. A guard pull from Allam led to a guillotine attempt from Gracie, but eventually, Gracie let go of the choke and settled into attacking a kimura.

After a moment torquing the arm of Allam, Gracie secured the armlock and forced a tap from Allam.

Gregor Gracie wins his second match and advanced to face Geo Martinez.

Geo Martinez submits Gregor Gracie (Kimura)

In the opening seconds, Geo Martinez rolled into a leg attack on the larger Gracie. The 10th Planet Freaks black belt used a scramble to enter side control and flowed his hips into mount.

From mount, Martinez attacked the right arm of Gracie, attempting to secure an early armbar. Gracie, likely winded from two previous matches, was nonetheless able to escape. Martinez again entered from the bottom, but in his attempt to take top position, landed an unintentional knee to the groin of Gracie.

A positional restart resumed the action, with Martinez quickly moving to side control. In a lightning fast sequence, Martinez attacked with a kimura, switched to an armbar, and then transitioned back to a kimura to tap Gregor Gracie.

Geo Martinez advanced to face Marcin Held.

Marcin Held submits Geo Martinez (Kneebar)

Instantly Martinez and Marcin Held exchanged leg attacks, trading deep kneebars and heel hook attempts. The Polish Held, an established MMA veteran, stayed with his attack and scored an incredible, stunningly fast kneebar to knock Martinez out of the round.

Marcin Held advanced to face Richie Martinez, the brother of Geo, after a very short match with Geo.

Marcin Held vs. Richie Martinez

Much like the previous match, Held and Richie Martinez got off to a fast start. Another kneebar attempt was thrown out by Held, but Martinez countered with several uses of the rubber guard.

Initially, Martinez threatened with a gogoplata, but quickly transitioned to armlock variation created through the use of the rubber guard, the patented by Eddie Bravo and the 10th Planet team.

Richie Martinez avenged the loss of his brother and submits Marcin Held, advancing to face Craig Jones.

Craig Jones submits Richie Martinez (Achilles lock)

In just seconds, Craig Jones pulled guard and tapped a grimacing Richie Martinez with a ferocious Achilles lock.

2017’s breakout star advanced to face the final Team 10th Planet member, Adam Sachnoff.

Craig Jones submits Adam Sachnoff (RNC)

Team 10th Planet’s final team member, Adam Sachnoff, faced Craig Jones with the series on the line. The two traded positional dominance, with Jones settling on the bottom.

Repeated stalemates led to another referee’s warning, meaning that Sachnoff had two warnings, just one shy of elimination. Sitting back, Sachnoff looked for an Achilles lock only to have Craig Jones wave a Dikembe Mutumbo-like finger, as if to say, ‘not today’.

Jones transitioned to the back of Sachnoff, sinking his hooks and engaging in hand fighting. Jones pinned the right arm of Sachnoff with one of his hooks, threading his arm under the neck of Sachnoff. Several times, Jones got under the neck, but Sachnoff repeatedly defended perfectly.

Jones then resorted to a smother choke, pinning both of Sachnoff’s arms and merely covering the mouth and nose of Sachnoff. Jones alternated between the smother and the rear-naked choke, ultimately securing the RNC and tapping Sachnoff.

As a result, Jones and Team Polaris punch their ticket to the finals, where they will face Team Alpha Male.

Team Polaris def. Team 10th Planet, Advanced to Finals

2nd Special Match

Marcelo Nunes submits Haisam Rida (Head and Arm Choke)

Haisam Rida, a breakout star of QUINTET 2, is a Ghanian competitor who recently received his black belt from Carpe Diem. In this special match, he faced MMA veteran and black belt, Marcelo Nunes.

Nunes shot in, rolling to find an ankle pick, but Rida scrambled away. After a stand-up, Rida attempted a toe-hold but was unsuccessful. Undeterred, Rida continued to attack the legs of Nunes, alternating between toe-hold and kneebar attempts.

Another stand-up, and then a Nunes takedown was stuffed. A pause in the action followed an inadvertent blow to the face of Rida, in which Nunes’ shin collided with Rida’s head on the way down to the mats.

Nunes pulled guard, but again Rida made his way to the legs of Nunes. As Nunes escaped, the two made their way back to their feet. Both fighters received a warning, and the action continued.

Nunes quickly closed the distance between himself and Rida, taking top half-guard and moving to a head and arm choke. After applying pressure, Nunes forced the tap and emerged the special match’s winner.

3rd Special Match

Satoshi Ishii def. Frank Mir (DQ, Penalties (Mir))

Former UFC heavyweight champion, Frank Mir, faced 2008 Olympic gold medalist in judo, Satoshi Ishii, in the final special match of the night. The two juggernauts met in the center of the mat, battling for position in the hopes of tossing their opponent.

An ill-fated takedown attempt from Mir led to a back take from Ishii, who circled around Mir in the hopes of flattening his opponent. He followed several attempts from Mir to stand with mat returns, but Mir’s powerful base prevented Ishii from securing his back.

As Mir aimed to stand, Ishii unleashed a beautiful, technical foot sweep to trip Mir, but did not establish position. Another standing battle ensued, as both men worked for a takedown.

The referee issued another warning for inactivity, and Ishii secured a takedown via a trip. In closed guard, Ishii passed into north-south, and then quickly to side control. The judoka resisted the explosive bucks of Mir, working to isolate the right arm.

The referee issued a final, third warning, which would lead to a disqualification. However, since it pertained to both competitors, the match continued. Ishii again took Mir down at the edge of the mat, and after moving to the center, the match resumed.

The regulation time of the special match expired, so an ‘infinite’ period of overtime began. Technically, the match would not end until a submission or disqualification occurred.

Quickly, Ishii moved to north-south and transitioned to side control. After a time in north-south without any action, Mir received his fourth warning for inactivity. As a result, Mir lost the match by disqualification.

In a match largely comprised of takedowns and positional control, Ishii picked up the win via disqualification.

The Finals – Team Alpha Male vs. Team Polaris

Dustin Akbari draws with Dan Strauss (DRAW)

Neither Dustin Akbari nor Dan Strauss competed in the opening rounds due to the efficiency with which their teams dismantled the first round competition.

The two engaged in the center of the mat, with Strauss pulling butterfly guard early. A scramble led to a return to the standing position, with Strauss again pulling guard. The “Raspberry Ape” seemed content to attack off of his back, throwing up a triangle attempt before returning to his feet.

The smaller Akbari scored a trip along the boundary as Strauss fished for a guillotine, and the two reset in the middle of the mat. A warning was issued to both fighters, and Akbari unleashed two flying attacks in the final seconds as the two reset on the feet.

A guard pull from Strauss ended the match, as time expired in a draw, eliminating both grapplers from the competition.

Mansher Khera draws with Marcin Held (DRAW)

Like Strauss and Akbari, Mansher Khera too had yet to compete. There was no learning curve for the Unity Jiu Jitsu product, as Held instantly began attacking the legs of Khera. A stand-up was immediately followed by another Held guard pull, and Khera attacked with a guillotine choke.

It appeared as if Held had tapped, but apparently, it was simply a repositioning of the hands. Regardless, Khera abandoned the guillotine and resumed passing the half-guard. He did so and took side control.

A scramble and inversion from Held led to a reversal of position, as Held sat back for a leg lock. Another leglock from Held, but Khera scrambled to side control. Khera, relentless in his pursuit to stay in dominant position, fended off a series of bucks and squirms from Held.

After aiming to take the back of Held, Khera was caught in half-guard. The referee initiated another stand-up, giving Held his second warning. A positional restart led to a back take from Khera, who sunk one hook in early.

He couldn’t sink the second hook and eventually settled into side control. Held’s bridges were to no avail, as Khera rode out side control before attacking the right arm of Held. A last-second D’arce/guillotine attack from Khera was too late, as time expired.

Khera and Held fought to a draw, and both grapplers were eliminated.

Craig Jones submits Antoine Jaoude (RNC)

Instantly, Craig Jones pulled guard on the much larger Jaoude. A spell of inactivity led to a positional restart, in which Jones took the back of Jaoude, instantly securing the standing rear-naked choke on the Brazilian Olympian.

Jones advanced to face Gordon Ryan in a rematch of their epic EBI 14 finals match.

Gordon Ryan submits Craig Jones

In the most anticipated potential matchup of QUINTET 3, Craig Jones faced Gordon Ryan. Instantly, Ryan shot in for a single-leg takedown, taking the Australian down as Jones attempted a guillotine.

While the guillotine was tight, Ryan outlasted the squeeze and began attacking a head and arm choke from the mount. Ryan alternated between attacking the arm via Americana and the head and arm choke but remained in mount throughout.

Jones turned to his side, and Ryan used the scramble to lock up a body triangle and secure the back take. After a few moments, Ryan applied pressure and implemented a crush on the jaw of Jones, decisively finishing his former – and likely future – rival.

Gordon Ryan advanced to face Vitor Ribiero.

Gordon Ryan submits Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro (Armbar)

In his second match of the finals, Ryan quickly took down Ribeiro with a body lock. Ryan stayed tight to the chest of Ribeiro, establishing side control in the center of the mat.

Off of a scramble, Ryan took the back of “Shaolin”, methodically using the body triangle and a smother en route to his RNC attack. Pinning the left arm of Ribeiro, Ryan began searching for the chin of his opponent.

Not finding the neck as easily as he would have liked, he transitioned an armbar, tapping the legendary “Shaolin” and advancing to face Gregor Gracie.

Gordon Ryan draws with Gregor Gracie (DRAW)

In a do-or-die match for Gregor Gracie and Team Polaris, Gracie had a beautiful back take entry nullified by a Ryan inversion. Following the inversion, a 50/50 position ensued as Ryan reversed position.

Gracie refused to let loose the right leg of Gordon Ryan, leading to a stand-up from the referee and a warning to both fighters. Standing again, Ryan slickly used a breathtaking arm-drag to back take, ending up in top position.

Ryan moved to side control and then stepped over into mount. Gracie was able to free himself, but Ryan quickly passed into side control yet again. After a scramble, Ryan took north-south and transitioned to the back.

Another Gordon Ryan body triangle soon followed, and Ryan began to set up his choke arm’s entry. Despite Ryan’s controlling position, the referee stood the grapplers up, much to Ryan’s chagrin.

A guard pull from Ryan followed, and Gracie tried to pass. Despite a late leglock attempt from Gracie, time expired. With the draw, Gordon Ryan and Team Alpha Male picked up the win at QUINTET 3.

After an incredible night of matches, Gordon Ryan and Team Alpha Male secured the victory. It was an event chock full of lightning-quick submissions, upsets, and exciting fights.

Thank you for following the event with us here at MMA Sucka, and congratulations to Team Alpha Male!


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