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EBI 18 Live Results

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EBI 18 (Eddie Bravo Invitational 18) is set to take place Sunday, December 09, 2018 live from the Onnit Academy in Austin, Texas at 8:00 pm EST/7:00 pm CST. The event can be seen at the official website, or on UFC Fight Pass. The event will consist of a 16-women’s strawweight tournament to crown the inaugural EBI Strawweight BJJ champion.


Special Matchups

Priscilla Herrera defeated Gabrielle Villafuerte in regulation (heelhook)

Kayla Patterson defeated Andrezza Facanha in overtime (total ride-time)


Mayssa Bastos defeated Pati Fontes in overtime to become EBI strawweight champion


Pati Fontes defeated Gabby Romero in regulation (Kimura)

Mayssa Bastos defeated Rikako Yuasa in regulation (face crank)


Pati Fontes defeated Jessa Khan in regulation (toe-hold)

Gabby Romero defeated Chelsi Aguayo in regulation (armlock)

Mayssa Bastos defeated Fiona Watson in regulation (kneebar)

Rikako Yuasa defeated Danielle Kelly in overtime (quickest escape)


Pati Fontes defeated Chisaki Akiyama in regulation (RNC)

Jessa Khan defeated Analilya Calzada in regulation (armbar)

Gabby Romero defeated Megan Parducho in overtime

Chelsi Aguayo defeated Rita Lynne Gribben in 3rd overtime

Mayssa Bastos defeated Fabiana Jorge in overtime

Fiona Watson defeated Nina Navid in overtime (quickest escape)

Danielle Kelly vs. Lila Smadja-Cruz in 2nd overtime

Rikako Yuasa defeated Sofia Amarante in regulation by submission


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