UFC Fight Pass Adds UK Muay Thai/K-1 Promotion to Library

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European-Based Muay Thai Grand Prix Coming to UFC Fight Pass in April 2019

UFC Fight Pass continues to expand its diverse LIVE and Video-On-Demand content offerings. A European Muay Thai organization called MTGP/KGP is the new addition to the library.

First reported by, KGP announced the deal via their Instagram (@muaythaigrandprix) during the morning of December 23.

Two separate posts explained the deal enthusiastically with images using the UFC Fight Pass logo. The promotion referenced the 500,000 viewers it would have through UFC Fight Pass and how it would make its 2019 debut in April. Unfortunately, the two posts were taken down on December 27. The images from the posts were captured before their removal.

Details From the Promotion, UFC Fight Pass in the UK

One Instagram post, from December 24th, remains in which the CEO of the promotion announces the news of the UFC Fight Pass deal. To preserve the message from removal, it has been provided in the form of a screenshot.

This news follows a trend of UFC Fight Pass taking over UK combat sports. The pillars of UK MMA long have been Cage Warriors (first event in July 2002), UCMMA (first event in December 2008), and BAMMA (first event in June 2009). UFC Fight Pass currently hosts the fight libraries of Cage Warriors and UCMMA on its service and streams Cage Warriors’ events live.

In 2017, UFC Fight Pass started hosting live and archived content from Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational, the premiere organization for professional, European grappling. In fall of 2018, UFC Fight Pass picked up Rise of Champions, a new promotion for amateur and professional MMA led by former UFC fighter, Brad Pickett.

While BAMMA has never touched UFC Fight Pass, it hasn’t held an event since June of 2018 and is going through growing pains. BAMMA has signed at least 10 Irish fighters and has booked four events in Dublin in 2019. This was after losing its CEO and many top fighters to Bellator.

With the addition of MTGP/KGP, UFC Fight Pass holds a stranglehold over UK combat sports. Across MMA, grappling, and Muay Thai Kickboxing, UFC Fight Pass hosts the most significant UK events. Don’t expect BAMMA ever to get on board due to their ties to Bellator…

Streaming Details To Be Announced

The “Watch on UFC FIGHT PASS” in the bottom left-hand corner — in lieu of “LIVE and Exclusive…” — suggests that it will be offered Video-On-Demand.

UFC Fight Pass already sports WXC MMA (Michigan MMA), Rise of Champions (Brad Pickett’s UK based MMA promotion), and LUX Fight League (Mexico MMA) as VOD combat sports partners.

UFC Fight Pass hosts live streams for:

Invicta FC (Since June 5, 2014)
Titan FC (Since June 15, 2015)
Pancrase (Since September 9, 2015)
Eddie Bravo Invitational (Since February 11, 2016)
GLORY World Series Kickboxing (Since February 11, 2016)
Cage Warriors FC (Since April 15, 2016)
TKO MMA (Since August 11, 2016)
Alaska FC (Since August 23, 2016)
Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational (Since June 15, 2017)
Island Fights MMA+Boxing (Since January 26, 2018)
Friday Night Fights Muay Thai (Since February 27, 2018)
Sakuraba’s QUINTET (Since April 2, 2018)
Karate Combat (Since July 18, 2018)
Xtreme Fight Night (Since September 4, 2018)
Cage Fury Fighting Championships (Since November 7, 2018)

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