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Bare Knuckle FC is back with eight great fights and we’ll have your BKFC 10 results live as they happen, as well as fight recaps. The event is headlined by the Bare Knuckle debut of Hector Lombard when he faces David Mundell. Mundell is 2-0 with two first-round knockouts inside the BKFC ring, and this one should be fireworks.

In the co-main event, Jim Alers puts his perfect BKFC record on the line in part of the lightweight tournament against Kaleb Harris. It is going to be a crazy action-packed fight. You will not want to miss this, or any of the other fireworks when they toe the line in Florida on Saturday night. You can catch up on the previous action here.

BKFC 10 Results – Main Card

Hector Lombard def. David Mundell via Unanimous Decision after 5 Round

The first round starts with both fighters throwing right hands. Hector Lombard is fighting a measured fight. He is throwing some big right hands behind his jab. Mundell seems content to attempt to counter fight but doesn’t land anything of note.

The second round saw a slowdown in action and both men only landed a couple of telling blows. That will be a tough round for the judges to score. Might have gone to Lombard do to pressure.

The third round opens and the fighters turn it up a notch. Hector Lombard is walking Mundell down and firing lefts and rights. Hector Lombard lands a solid right hand. Looks like Lombard landed some shots after the bell. Better round for Lombard.

Final Two Rounds

As the fourth round opens, both men come together and land big shots. Hector is bleeding from the mouth. Hector Lombard lands a series of shots that wobble Mundell. Overall it was a slow round and another difficult round to score.

Mundell lands a pair of jabs to open the final round. Lombard comes forward but clinches and seems to want to wrestle. The referee splits them up. Mundell lands on the inside but eats a stiff counter right hand. Hector Lombard lands a couple of decent shots and Dave Mundell is bleeding. The fight is over, cards will likely be all over the place. My gut tells me Hector Lombard did enough to earn the decision.

Jim Alers def. Kaleb Harris via Majority Decision after 5 Rounds

This fight is crazy from the word go! Jim Alers is landing a ton of huge shots, including a series of uppercuts. Kaleb Harris is taking them and continuing to engage. Jim Alers takes a poke to the eye and we get a break in the action. Alers back on the prowl but Harris is staying in the fight. Jim Alers wins the first round.

Alers comes out firing the second. Kaleb Harris fires back but he’s eating too many big shots. Harris is getting busted up. He’s bleeding from the eye and nose and continues to eat big shots. Harris is showing a ton of heart, but it’s two rounds in the bank for Alers.

The third round sees a significant slowdown in production from Alers. Both fighters are measuring each other more, and landing single shots. The best punch of the round came from Harris with a few seconds left. The close round could have gone to Harris.’

Final Two Rounds

Alers comes out in the fourth and fires some heavy shots into the face of Harris. Harris is covering up but eating shots. Kaleb shows a great chin though and doesn’t go down during the onslaught. Big round for Alers but Harris smiling through the blood and continued abuse.

Fifth and final round opens with a bang. Alers and Harris are talking to each other and they exchange heavy body shots. Both men doing what the can but nothing clean seems to be landing. Alers lands a right hand. Good fight, but Alers has it won on my scorecard.

Luis Palamino def. Elvin Britto via Majority Decision after 5 Rounds

The first of two quarterfinal bouts tonight starts and both men waste no time getting after it. Palamino is heavy-handed but Britto seems the quicker of the two. Both men land some solid shots. Neither fighter was hurt in the first round.

In the second round, the pace slows a bit. Britto is working behind a solid left jab. As the round goes on, Palamino starts landing the heavier shots and is beginning to hurt Britto.

Third rounds open with Britto again establishing a jab early. Palamino lands a slapping left hand as the pace continues to slow. Palamino landed some bigger shots as the time in the round expired. I have Palamino up two rounds to one.

Palamino is walking Britto down in the fourth, but neither fighter is landing anything of consequence. As the round goes on, Palamino closes it with a nice combo that seemed to rock Britto. Palamino is up in this fight heading into the final round.

Both fighters are fighting controlled fifth rounds. Nobody looks willing to make a big mistake and as a result, the pace has slowed. Palamino lands another body shot and Britto counters with a right hand. Under a minute to go and Britto needs to make something happen. The fight ends with the two exchanging shots. I’ve got it 49-46 Palamino.

Ulysses Diaz def. Brian Maxwell via TKO (Strikes) at 1:13 of Round 1

The fight opens and both men start firing punches. The wind up in the clinch and both men tumble to the mat. Diaz begins landing shots and one lands to the back of the head. Maxwell doesn’t seem to want to continue and is holding his head. The fight resumes and they again clinch. Maxwell eats a left and drops down. He doesn’t want to continue and the referee stops the fight. Lackluster performance from Brian Maxwell.

Dat Nguyen def. Abediel Valazquez via Knockout (Left Hook) at 1:51 of Round 1

The fight starts and immediately both men start blasting away. Valazquez gets dropped inside the first 30 seconds by a right hand. He’s able to continue and answers back, dropping Nguyen. The action is fast and furious and Dat Nguyen starches Abediel Valazquez with a series of shots and Valazquez is out cold before he hits the canvas. Wow!

Gustavo Trujillo def. Lorenzo Hunt via TKO (Right Hand) at 1:01 of Round 1

Lorenzo Hunt and Gustavo Trujillo come out and fight a measured fight. Nobody is rushing in. They continue to feel each other out and Trujillo lands a couple of jabs at range. The come together and Trujillo lands a counter right hand. The shot hurts Hunt and he is planted face-first into the canvas. Hunt gets to his feet but is very wobbly. The referee stops the action.

Francesco Ricchi def. Fred Pierce via TKO (Right Hand) at 1:38 of Round 1

Fred Pierce comes out throwing nothing but wild shots. Nothing he throws is landing. Ricchi drops Fred Pierce to the canvas with a counter right. Pierce looks hurt, but the fight continues. Fred Pierce is getting hurt as he lays on the ropes. Ricchi follows up and Fred Pierce is all done. First-round TKO for Francesco Ricchi.

Travis Thompson def. Joshua Boudreaux via TKO (Strikes) at 0:15 of Round 2

Good action off the bat as an overaggressive Thompson eats a couple of shots. Travis Thompson lands a straight right cutting Josh Boudreaux under the left eye. Boudreaux gets hit and dropped with a body shot and some shots to the head.

Round two opens with Travis Thompson pouring it on. Boudreaux is hurt to the body and gets dropped. He’s looking pretty shaky and the referee calls a halt to the action, giving Travis Thompson the TKO victory.

Preliminary Fight

Reggie Barnett Jr. def. Matt Murphy via TKO (Strikes) in Round 2


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