MMA Needs Derrick Lewis vs. Curtis Blaydes

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Derrick Lewis (24-7) certainly had a great performance on Saturday night when he beat Aleksei Oleinik (59-14-1) by knockout. At the post-fight press conference Lewis, after saying he had no interest in the division, expressed interest in fighting top contender Curtis Blaydes. Please, Sean Shelby, Mick Maynard, make this fight happen. I need to see it happen. Please make Lewis vs. Blaydes.

Now, if you’re not weird, you may not understand why I want this fight so bad. To be honest, I didn’t know I wanted it until I did. I’ll explain it this way, Curtis Blaydes is the division’s most potent double-leg takedown artist. Derrick Lewis is a man who’s center of gravity is so bizarre he risks being taken down if you lift his leg.

Please Make Lewis vs. Blaydes

I need to see what happens when these two meet up in the cage. Obviously, Blaydes will take Lewis down a bunch, but I have so many more questions. Will he catch air? How many times will Blaydes hit a blast double before he realizes all he has to do is push Lewis over? Will Blaydes gas himself just by repeatedly taking Lewis down? Can Lewis pull his maneuver of “Just stand up” against a 265-pound man?

There are just so many things to consider, and I need to know what will happen. I need Lewis vs. Blaydes, please. Make it five rounds. Maybe Lewis will pull a Dada 5000 and nearly die in the cage. I just need to see this fight happen.

Now I have been talking like this fight is a foregone conclusion when, in reality, it is not. Lewis has a shot at winning. Lewis has the kind of power to always have a chance at winning. He could land an uppercut and knock Blaydes out. In fact, I really want that to happen, after Blaydes takes him down for four and a half rounds.

Don’t let our memes be dreams

It just makes sense to have this fight. Ngannou will likely fight for the belt next. Both men need a spectacular performance in order to secure a rematch with Ngannou or a title shot. It’s important for Blaydes because no one wants to see a trilogy when one side is down two nothing unless its Bellator. It’s extra important for Lewis because the Ngannou fight is something no one will ever want.

This fight could give the Mixed Martial Arts community the greatest set of memes the world has seen. And I think it’s your solemn duty, Sean Shelby, to make sure that this fight happens as soon as possible. Please make Lewis vs. Blaydes happen. It truly is the 2020 of fights.

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Sam Ancer is a South African writer and MMA fanatic, he has spent several years training Sanshou, as well as Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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