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We will be live tonight with your Toe the Line 2 results and recaps. This is the second event from Toe the Line, an event in conjunction with Bare Knuckle FC. The main event features the Bare Knuckle debut of Mike Kyle, He’s a boxer with power in both hands. He can finish the fight with a single strike.

Mike Kyle will be going up against Bobo O’Bannon in a fight that should result in a dramatic finish. Both men have knockout power and when you don’t have gloves, it doesn’t take much to hurt your opponent. O’Bannon fought for BKFC 5 and defeated his opponent, Troy Beets. He’ll face a much more powerful striker in Mike “Mak” Kyle.

In the co-main event, Michael Bissett will take on Jason Fish. Fish is a large man with power to burn and find-ending power in both hands. Michael Bissett is the more skilled of the two, but he’ll have to avoid some trouble early on to avoid being finished.

Toe the Line’s first event was very compelling, and you can see the results and recaps here.

Bobo O’Bannon def. Mike Kyle via TKO (Fighter Quit) at 2:00 of Round 2

Recap: Mike Kyle and O’Bannon toe the line and Kyle lands a big body shot and a right hand that dropped O’Bannon. Kyle was looking comfortable and ate a shot that dropped him. Unbelievable. Bobo O’Bannon was busted up as the round ended. Close round, both men went down.
Mike Kyle was again dropped to start the second round and also appeared to hurt his right hand. Short left hand clipped Kyle and dropped him. Kyle had been down three times but kept going.
Mike Kyle quit between rounds, giving O’Bannon the TKO victory!

Jason Fish def. Mike Bissett via TKO (Referee Stoppage) at 1:40 of Round 2

Recap: The co-main event featured a pair of fighters in the 215-pound division. Both fighters came out and tried to find their range early on. Fish seemed upset that Bissett did not want a war early. Round one didn’t see any impactful shots landed by either fighter. I’d score it for Fish based on pressure.

Fish attempted to bring more pressure to open the second but Bissett used good footwork to keep a distance. Fish got inside and landed a big right hand to the chin that dropped Bissett. They exchanged uppercuts but Bissett landed with more force and once again dropped Bissett and the referee halted the action as Bissett was wobbly and didn’t look lucid.

Bruce Lutchmedial def. Will Chope via KO (Punch) at 0:43 of Round 2

Recap: Will Chope entered the fight with a massive seven-inch height advantage. Will Chope dropped Lutchmedial in the opening moments but Chope himself was dropped moments later. The first-round ended and I scored it for Bruce Lutchmedial despite being knocked down moments into the first round.

The second round saw Will Chope get hurt and dropped by a combination. He was wobbled and ate a huge right hand that knocked him out. An excellent debut for Bruce Lutchmedial. Might be the last time we see Will Chope in a cage or ring.

Martin Brown vs. Juan Pina via TKO (Punches) at 0:58 of Round 1

Recap: Martin Brown entered this fight promising a first-round knockout and man oh man did he ever deliver! Moments into the clash he scored his first knockdown with a looping left hook and swarmed Pina with hooks and badly hurt him. After eating a few shots to the head Pina turned his back to Brown and the referee had seen enough and called the fight. Martin Brown looks like he could be a star.

Zion Tomlinson def. Harrison Aiken via KO (Punch) at 1:01 of Round 1

Recap: Harrison Aiken came out and met Zion Tomlinson in the middle of the ring and was almost immediately hit and dropped by a left hand. Aiken beat the count but would soon eat a right hand that planted him on the canvas where he would be counted out. First-round knockout for Zion Tomlinson!

Jordan Nash def. Chris Lavant via TKO (Rib Injury/Fighter quit) at 2:00 of Round 2

Recap: Both fighters came out firing. It was a wild firefight from the jump and Chris Lavant knocked Jordan Nash down in the first thirty seconds. He was floored for a second time with a left hook.  Lavant was dropped by a body shot and he looked to be badly hurt. A big first round for Jordan Nash!

Nash opens the second round by getting dropped by Lavant! A minute later, Jordan Nash dropped Lavant for the fourth time. Both fighters have been to the canvas in this one. Nash is hurting Lavant to the body. The rounds ended and both men had been down. Crazy fight.

The fight is over, as Chris Lavant quits in the corner between rounds. He looked to have an injury to the rib. Big debut for Nash, who earns the win.

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