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We’ve identified Paulo Costa‘s wine. UFC middleweight Paulo Costa “Borrachinha” claims that in his last fight, a championship loss to Israel Adesanya, he may have had too much red wine the night before and was hungover for their fight. In an uncovered September 2020 YouTube video, Paulo Costa reveals his choice of vinho. Paulo Costa’s wine has been identified, through careful study, a bottle of San Martin Cabernet Sauvignon. Pull up a comfortable chair to our table because we going on a wine tasting tour.

UFC 253

At UFC 253 Brazilian-born Paulo Costa fought against middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. Costa was the top contender in the middleweight division. “Borrachinha” Costa ran into trouble against the Nigerian Adesanya and lost via second-round TKO. However, Costa, the part-time sommelier, claims he may have been sampling too much of a strong vintage the night before.

“I was kind of drunk when I fought, maybe, or hungover,” Costa said in Portuguese. “I couldn’t sleep because of cramps.” Costa said on his YouTube channel, “I had to sleep since I was awake for 24 hours, I had wine, too much wine, a bottle to try to blackout. I had a glass and didn’t work. Two glasses, it didn’t work. A half bottle didn’t work. I had it all.”

Paulo Costa’s Wine

San Martin Cabernet Sauvignon is a red wine from Serra Gaúcha, Brazil, the mountainous region of Rio Grande do Sul, mountainous like Costa’s shoulders perhaps. A bottle San Martin Cab Sauv has 11.5% of alcohol content in a bottle, this is slightly below average. A wine tasters palate would indicate this is a strong flavored red wine. Bold tastes, like Costa’s bold fighting style. The wine is also dry, tannic, and acidic.

With this wine flavor profile, this would be a great pairing with any kind of red meat or hard cheese. How much does a fighter’s choice of wine influence their fighting style? We’ll pontificate this for another day.

Reviews for Paulo Costa’s wine averages a 3.5 out of possible 5. Some reviews on Vivino, the world’s largest wine app with 50 million users, say [translated from Portuguese] “Too sweet,” and “Horrible. Worse than Ox Blood.” While other reviewers say this vintage is “Excellent, smooth, very good,” and “Delicious, fruity. Great value for money.”

Thirsty and curious if Paulo Costa’s wine choice would be right for you? Or perhaps you have a title fight tomorrow? San Martin Cabernet Sauvignon typically sells for 21.90 Brazilian Real, this is $3.85 USD. Perhaps a great deal for your inner wine drinker.

What’s next for Paulo Costa?

In his next bout wine connoisseur, Paulo Costa will meet former champion Robert Whittaker on April 17. The Costa and Whittaker will indicate who the next top contender is at middleweight. Costa has been aiming for a re-match showdown against current champion Israel Adesanya, who fights this weekend at UFC 259. More wine reviews and MMA news to come.

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