Top 15 richest MMA fighters in 2021

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Recently, UFC has surpassed professional boxing in popularity, which is confirmed by the net worth of MMA fighters. If you are interested in Ultimate Fighting Championship, then you probably want to know which of your idols become not only one of the strongest, but also one of the richest. Below is a list of the richest MMA fighters in 2021. The material for this article was prepared by Tiffany Cutting, a sports journalist and content manager of the Slotsspot website. The data was taken from business data platform Statista.

15. Anderson Silva net worth – $ 8 million

UFC owner Dana White considers this Brazilian fighter one of the strongest in the league. The level of his professional sports training is confirmed by a series of 16 win-win fights. However, recently his sports career has been greatly shaken. Recently, he lost 4 fights out of 5. Experts predict that he will soon end his sports career. The fans are looking forward to new fights and wish the athlete victories. The athlete does not comment on the end of his sports career in any way.

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14. Michael Bisping net worth – $ 9 million

This man is known to fans not only as one of the richest UFC fighters but also as a presenter, sports commentator, artist and journalist. In the middleweight category, he has no equal, because he is the absolute winner of the fighting championship.

13. Jose Aldo net worth – $ 9 million

This famous Brazilian athlete became the fourth WEC featherweight winner. This person also became the first winner of the UFC since its merger with another sports corporation.

12. Junior dos Santos net worth – $ 10 million

Junior dos Santos is a confident winner of the league in the fighting championship in the heavyweight category. He is ranked fourth in the ranking of this championship.

11. Jon Jones net worth – $ 10 million

Until now, Jon Jones is considered the brightest and most popular UFC fighter. Only Khabib can compete with him. In 2011, Jones became the youngest athlete to win the title of champion at the age of 22. This athlete won the highest number of fights, compared to other fighters. Experts noted his excellent level of athletic training. He has 14 victories on his account in the most difficult battles. Regardless of the difficulty level, he continues to choose serious opponents for his fights. Jon Jones has a huge army of fans. They give him the strength to continue his sports career and new victories.

10. Chael Sonnen net worth – $ 10 million

The beginning of his sports career was in 1997. Then he was only 19 years old. He won the first six fights and gave the fans a promise to become a real star of the league. It wasn’t just luck that accompanied him. He lost several fights. To date, the fighter is ranked 9th in the UFC.

9. Frank Mir net worth – $ 11 million

Fans of fights have heard a lot about Frank Mir’s victories. This American athlete has won several victories at Ultimate Fighting tournaments. His fans like tough fights, in which there is always a place for serious painful techniques. The athlete has twice won the title of UFC super heavyweight champion. Brutal, spectacular fights, full of professionalism and pain – that’s what allowed the champion to gain popularity among fans.

8. Quinton Jackson net worth – $ 12 million

This Octagon star is rightfully considered one of the richest UFC fighters. He is known not only in the ring. Quinton Jackson has played several roles in famous films. Another of his hobbies is wrestling, to which he has devoted many years.

7. Chuck Liddell net worth – $ 12 million

This fighter was professionally engaged in the light heavyweight division. He was a five-time UFC champion. The crazy fighting style of this fighter, inspired not only the young fighters who dared to come to the first training, but also entire companies. For example, some developers of software for online casinos, created online slot machines on the theme of fights. It’s amazing, but the incredible achievements of athletes of different sports, quite often inspire the creation of themed free online slot games.

6. Fedor Emelianenko net worth – $ 18 million

Millions of fans follow the sporting success of one of the richest MMA fighters from – Fedor Emelianenko. It is popular all over the world. It is especially famous in Japan. He became famous for fighting in Pride, Strikeforce and Bellator. He currently plays for MMA. He has many awards from various clubs, not only from MMA.

5. BJ Penn net worth – $ 22 million

American fighter B. J. Penn is one of the richest UFC fighters. He is the only one who is a two-time winner in different weight categories: light and light-middleweight. He actively performs in the ring, using jiu-jitsu techniques in mixed combat.

4. Brock Lesnar net worth Р$ 24 million 

This athlete has a multi-faceted personality. In addition to fighting, he is actively interested in American football. Brock was the former UFC heavyweight champion. And is currently competing in the WWE.

3. George St-Pierre net worth – $ 30 million

St-Pierre is originally from Canada. He is a three-time UFC champion. Fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship believe that he has no equal in mixed martial arts. A significant amount in the sportsman’s bank account also testifies to the success of his career.

2. Khabib Nurmagomedov net worth – $ 40 million

Khabib Nurmagomedov proved the impossible to his fans. He won 28 fights. Nurmagomedov is one of the strongest fighters in mixed martial arts. Khabib has always dominated in all fights, clearly applying every technique. Some people do not approve of his battle tactics, considering him too cruel. The beginning of his successful sports career was a fight with Kamal Shalorus. He won the fight using painful techniques. The right to fight for the title of champion went to him only in 2018. The fight with Al Yakinta was emotional and vivid. 

The American athlete had nothing to compare Khabib with. The real sensation in the UFC was the fight between Khabib and Conor McGregor. Nurmagomedov won using a choke hold. The sensational news was discussed on the Internet for several weeks. The end of the battle was a fight between the fighters outside the octagon. According to Nurmagomedov, McGregor’s staff insulted him. After the fight, Khabib apologized for his emotional act.

1. Conor McGregor net worth – $ 200 million

Conor McGregor is a true legend of mixed martial arts. He knows how to make a real show out of every fight, receiving millions of royalties for it. The Irish fighter has always been distinguished by a quirky mind and cunning, but this did not make him a real hero among his contemporaries. He started his sports career in 2013, defeating Marcus Brimage in the first minutes of the fight. He became the first holder of the champion’s belt in two categories at once: lightweight and featherweight. He was considered invincible, because no opponent could resist him. The defeat in the fight with Khabib did not affect his sports career in any way. Today, he continues to actively perform, receiving millions of royalties for each fight.


Achieving success in the careers of richest UFC fighters gets a lot of injuries and risks for life. Champions are really worthy of high fees, because the risk and pain accompany them throughout their lives.

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