Pearl Gonzalez Walking Away from BKFC

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This past weekend at BKFC 22 was the last bare-knuckle boxing event for Pearl Gonzalez as it appears according to her Instagram that she is done with the sport. 

Back in April when Pearl Gonzalez signed with BKFC many were left wondering how this move would fair for her and to be honest, she came out of it with way more stock in the combat sports community than ever before.

An emotional Gonzalez talked about being upset with the decision but emphasized how “she didn’t choose fighting, fighting chose her” and based on what we have seen at BKFC, Invicta, and the UFC many would agree. She battled Brittain Hart for five rounds this past weekend in one of the better BKFC fights we have seen as of late and despite her getting a loss in the record books, she came out of that looking like a winner. 

This was her second BKFC bout after her winning her first but since her UFC departure, she has remained busy with grappling bouts in Eddie Bravo’s combat jiu-jitsu promotion having found some success there as well in Invicta. Her overall MMA record is 9-4 after winning four of her last five in Invicta after a UFC release. 

She seems intent on continuing a fighting career so it’s very possible we see a return to combat jiu-jitsu, MMA, or both for Pearl Gonzalez. She has a name that fans know and follow and despite Brittain Hart throwing personal attacks at her by bringing up the Only Fans movement and her previous medical procedures that have nearly cancelled bouts, it certainly helps with publicity and brings eyes to them. 

She did tell MMAFighting that her “heart and soul” are always with MMA so a return to that seems the most likely and if that’s the route she takes then fans and media will be interested to see it unfold.

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