Tyron Woodley Plans to Fight Four Times in 2022

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Tyron Woodley is going to keep himself busy in the upcoming year. The former UFC welterweight champion was in attendance at this past weekend’s Triller Triad Combat event, where he spoke to Fight Hub TV about his plans for 2022, including boxing, MMA, and maybe other combat sports too. 

Woodley Happy to be His Own Boss

Woodley has stated that he’s enjoying free agency, even proclaiming himself to be the only true free agent in sport. He listed his possibilities: he can take a boxing fight, he can fight at Triller Triad Combat, and do whatever he wants to, which is why he is planning to fight four times in four different combat sports. He says that he is going to fight in MMA, some variant of boxing, in an actual boxing match, and in some unique formula specially prepared for New Year’s Eve. 

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The potential fights would take place in January, March, July, and December. Woodley has a specific criteria on which he chooses his opponents, and that is if people are going to care about the matchup. Belts and name recognition do not mean to him as much as a potential paycheck, because just being a good fighter was not as profitable as it might seem. 

The Ongoing Campaign for the Jake Paul Rematch

Woodley has already someone in his crosshairs: his last opponent, Jake Paul. He feels like that he won the fight and put on a good show. In his own words, he came to fight and was walking Paul down for eight rounds straight. Even though Paul is scheduled to clash against Tommy Fury, the brother of boxing world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. For Woodley, it’s not going to be a real fight. The real challenge for a celebrity boxer would be a rematch with him, something that Woodley thinks will happen for sure. And this time he says that he will knock out Paul for good.

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