K-1 Krush 134 Results – Matsuoka Riki vs Ayinta Ali

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This Sunday will see two Kickboxing championship titles be challenged on the same event with K-1 Krush 134 which we will have the results live right here for you. K-1 Krush 134 results can be found below. Krush 134 is broadcast live from Korakuen Hall, Tokyo Japan this Sunday, February 20, 2022 on ABEMA TV. Broadcast times are 4:00 AM ET, 1:00 AM PST, and 9:00 AM GMT.

K-1 Krush 134

K-1 Krush 134 will have two main events with two championships titles on the line. In the kickboxing cards’ main event we will see the reigning Krush welterweight champion Riki Matsuoka 松岡力defend against the young challenger Ayinta Ali  寧仁太・ア. Riki Matsuoka will be fighting hard to prove his place and that he is worthy as champion. He picked up the welterweight title upon defeating Tora Kato. Since then he competed in the K-1 Welterweight Tournament and lost in a non-title bout. He will be hungry to prove his place as the rightful champion.

Ayinta Ali is looking to take a title and upend the kickboxing world. This young man was undefeated in kickboxing until he met the streaking 2021 Kickboxer of the year nominee Masaaki NoiriSince that singular loss Ayinta got back on track with a win this last September. He originally played soccer but would switch to Kickboxing. Also, had Perthes disease as a young child and spent time in rehab recovering from this. He is aiming for greatness in the kickboxing world and it might start at Krush 134.

In the co-main of Krush 134 will see the Krush Women’s Atomweight title on the line. Champion Miyu Sugawara 菅原美優 has just avenged her loss to Mio Tsumura and will be looking to keep this streak alive. Miyu has been a karate practitioner since the first grade. The challenger Yu Fukuhara 福原優 will be seeking revenge of her own. Yu had faced Miyu in 2020 and fought to a decision loss. She is on a winning streak is seeking to avenge this loss and pick up a championship. Originally, Yu was in school and training to be a beautician and did kickboxing classes as a hobby. Now, that hobby has led to a championship match. For this and other Krush 134 results please see below.

Also featured on the Krush 134 kickboxing card is Matsutani Kira will be looking to stay undefeated while keeping Toyoshima Satomi buried in losses. Plus, Saito Yuta will meet Matsumoto Atsuto and both will be fighting to break their two-fight loss streak. Hayashi Yuta will be looking to continue to build his win streak against Yusuke. All this and much more, full card bout listing and results for K-1 Krush 134 can be found below.

K-1 Krush 134 Results

Ayinta Ali def. Matsuoka Riki via Split Decision, after one extension round due to a draw. – Wins the Welterweight Championship

Miyuu Sugawara def. Yu Fukuhara via Unanimous Decision – Defends the Women’s Atomweight Championship

“ALONZA ABLAZE” Matsutani Kira def. Toyoshima Satomi via Unanimous Decision

Matsumoto Atsuto def. Saito Yuta via Unanimous Decision

Yusuke def. Hayashi Yuta via Knockout (Lead Hook) in Round 2.

Suzuki Shoya def. Hiroki via Knockout (Right Cross) in Round 2.

Yasukawa Yuki def. Meguro Shota via Split Decision.

Tsukamoto Takuma def. Kobayashi Takahiko via TKO (Knees and Kicks to the Body) in Round 3.

Raika def. Yata Miho via Unanimous Decision

Nagumo Daiki def. Horii Tsubasa via Unanimous Decision, after one extension round due to a draw.

Terashima Kokoro def. Inoue Sakiya via Knockout (Punches) in Round 3

Yoshizaki Naru def. Kato Riko via Unanimous Decision

Riki Matsuoka Ali Ayinta KRUSH 134

Riki Matsuoka vs Ali Ayinta

Miyu Sugawara Yu Fukuhara Krush 134 results

Miyu Sugawara vs Yu Fukuhara

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