Kell Brook Dominates Amir Khan – Scores a 6th Round TKO

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The highly anticipated grudge match between Amir Khan and Kell Brook was finally concluded on Saturday night in Manchester.  Kell Brook put on a special performance against Khan leading to a TKO in the sixth round for the former IBF welterweight champion. Brook’s timing, power and overall lust for victory was too much for the Bolton native, who was unable to get off any real offence throughout the entire bout.

The Fight Itself

There was controversy before the bout had even started with regards to the gloves that Kell Brook had donned in the dressing room. Team Khan weren’t happy with the gloves that he was wearing as they weren’t the gloves he was contracted to use and instead was wearing horsehair gloves (horsehair gloves expose the knuckles more than the usual foam gloves). Brook was forced to make his ring walk before changing his gloves in the ring, an unprecedented occurrence in such a big fight.

The bout started with Khan’s speed clearly on show as he was able to get in and out without receiving too much damage. Brook was beginning to time Khan, however, and at the conclusion of the first three minutes, Brook caught his rival and forced Khan to retreat. His leg stiffened and he was clearly hurt. The size and power of Brook were clearly having a huge effect on Khan at this early point in the bout.

It was a similar occurrence in the second round. Khan was unable to rally and although he landed more than his opponent, the more telling shots were landed by the Sheffield native. He again managed to again rock Khan at the end of the second. Khan looked much better in the third round, seemingly having his legs back under him and looking a lot more stable. Brook arguably won the round again right at the death, with only the ropes keeping him up. The fourth was almost a carbon copy of the third, with Khan looking steady until he wasn’t.

The fifth was very much the beginning of the end and the fight could have been stopped there and then. Brook was walking Khan down, consistently landing on him and wasn’t worried about anything coming back his way. He was landing power shots constantly and it was only Khan’s heart that kept him in the fight. He was able to just keep elusive enough not to be caught with one big shot and get put down. Any offence that Khan was able to return with had little to no effect on Brook.

The end came in the sixth where Brook continued from where he left off in the fifth round, walking his rival down and landing huge blows. The referee stepped in to save a hurt, tired Khan from further unnecessary damage. 

What’s Next?

We were informed after the fight that Amir Khan has a rematch clause, but if team Khan has any sense, they’ll drop it. His lack of power to hurt Brook, Brook’s ability to time Khan and Khan’s punch resistance won’t bode well in another bout.

Khan’s post-fight comments suggest that he will hang up the gloves after this crushing defeat. ‘I think it could be’  (when asked if this would be the last time he would be in the ring). ‘I felt like I couldn’t get in the groove. I always said I will retire from boxing, boxing won’t retire me’ .‘I want to be able to enjoy the pay checks’. If this is it for Khan, he can go out with his head held high, knowing that he’s had a Stella career, broke America, became a world champion and captured an Olympic silver medal as well as left a legacy behind.

For Brook, he could certainly have more big fights. Of course, he’s past his best, but we knew that coming into the fight. With that being said, he certainly looked impressive on Saturday night. Chris Eubank Jr stated that previous bad blood between the two would make for an interesting fight, so that is an option for Brook’.

Also, a clash with the up and coming Conor Benn would also make a lot of sense for Brook as Benn has all the hype and momentum at the moment. The winner would cement themselves as the best British welterweight out there and could go on to bigger and better things.

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