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Battle Grappling 4 Results

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Battle Grappling goes down live, Saturday, August 2020 from Bellingham, Washington and we have the Battle Grappling results from the 28 matches below.

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Full Battle Grappling results below.

Women’s 185-pound Advanced Title Fight

Maria Ruffatto def. Danielle Music via Rear-Naked Choke

Men’s 135-pound Finals

Austin Daffron def. Nicolas Germanos via Heel Hook

Men’s 205-pound Finals

Joe Leal def. Mike Dewitt via Fastest Escape Time in Overtime

Women’s 185-pound Finals

Lisa Blackwater def. Lena Leksunkin via Armbar

Men’s 135-pound Semi-Finals

Austin Daffron def. Ryan Plessi via Rear-Naked Choke

Nicolas Germanos def. Aasin Liberato via Heel Hook

185-pound Advanced CJJ Match

Harrison Woods def. Alex Larmey via Rear-Naked Choke

Men’s 205-pound Semi-Finals

Mike Dewitt def. Christophe Vandjick via Heel Hook

Joe Leal def. Reynaldo Camacho via Fastest Escape Time in Overtime

125-pound Advanced Match

Talia Anderson def. Bet Houghton via Armbar

Women’s 185-pound Semi-Finals

Lena Leksunkin def. Laatya James in Overtime

Lisa Blackwater def. Jordan Kanewa via Armbar

170-pound Advanced Match

Kavin Giroux def. Nathaniel Douglass via Armbar

185-pound Advanced Match

Jon Chan def. Zach Borrelli via Inside Heel Hook

Men’s 135-pound Quarter-Finals

Austin Daffron def. Mike Chupa via Heel Hook

Ryan Plessi def. Luis Magana via Rear-Naked Choke

Aasin Liberato def. Matt D’Emidio via Armbar

Nicolas Germanos def. Dylan Malinowski via Rear-Naked Choke

135-pound Intermediate Match

Sarah Gabrielle Keim def. Rachel Hofer via Armbar in Overtime

Men’s 205-pound Quarter-Finals

Mike Dewitt def. Aric Loehlein via Heel Hook

Christophe Vandjick def. Joaquin Holmes via Reverse Triangle

Reynaldo Camacho def. Donnaven Bautista via Armbar in Overtime

Joe Leal def. Wes Cooper via Rear-Naked Choke in Overtime

185-pound Intermediate Match

Amir Harding def. Tim Harman via  Rear-Naked Choke in Overtime

Women’s 185-pound Quarter-Finals

Lena Leksunkin def. Calli Behm via Rear-Naked Choke in Overtime

Laatya James def. Alicia Lockwood via Arm Triangle Choke

Lisa Blackwater def. Jaselyn Jones via Armbar in Overtime

Jordan Kanewa def. Alicia Dillon via Armbar in Overtime


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