September Basho Kicks Off Day 1 Action

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Grand Sumo kicks off the fifth tournament of the year at the Kokugikan Arena in Tokyo. In July, sumo fans witnessed rikishi Ichinojo win his first ever Top Division championship. For the September tournament, Ichinojo has moved up in rank from West Maegashira #12 to West Komusubi #1.

Grand Sumo September Tournament Kicks Off

Fan favorite Abi will be sitting out of September tournament action due to injury. The Komusubi is dealing with a right elbow and left ankle injury. Rikishi Ishiura is officially absent for the tournament as well. This tournament should prove to be a rather interesting affair considering Yokozuna Terunofuji has been less than dominant during 2022 tournament action, leaving room for rikishi like the aforementioned Ichinojo, Mitakeumi, and Wakatakakage to secure the Emperor’s Cup.

September 2022 Basho: Day 1 Results

Hiradoumi defeats Shimanoumi via Yorikiri

Mitoryu defeats Tsurugisho via Yorikiri

Terutsuyoshi defeats Yutakayama via Kainahineri

Oho defeats Chiyoshoma via Kotenage

Ichiyamamoto defeats Ryuden via Tsukitaoshi

Chiyotairyu defeats Okinoumi via Hikiotoshi

Takanosho defeats Kotoshoho via Oshidashi

Nishikifuji defeats Kotoeko via Hatakikomi

Hokutofuji defeats Myogiryu via Yorikiri

Tochinoshin defeats Onosho via Hatakikomi

Endo defeats Aoiyama via Yorikiri

Wakamotoharu defeats Sadanoumi via Utchari

Takayasu defeats Takarafuji via Oshidashi

Nishikigi defeats Ura via Oshidashi

Daieisho defeats Meisei via Hatakikomi

Tamawashi defeats Hoshoryu via Hatakikomi

Kotonowaka defeats Wakatakakage via Oshidashi

Mitakeumi defeats Midorifuji via Oshidashi

Shodai defeats Tobizaru via Oshidashi

Ichinojo defeats Takakeisho via Oshidashi

Terunofuji defeats Kiribayama via Yorikiri

Image: Yves Picq http://veton.picq.frCC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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