Bellator 288: Faraldo vs Chokheli was WILD

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After an exciting preliminary card, Bellator 288 kicked off with an intriguing matchup at welterweight, as the undefeated Roman Faraldo took on Levan Chokheli.

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LIVE PLAY-BY-PLAY: Bellator 288: Faraldo vs Chokheli

Round 1

Faraldo comes out looking aggressive, but Chokheli closes the distance and score a takedown. Faraldo finds himself in a bit of trouble as Chokheli lands an awkward back mount, but soon finds himself back to his feet. In the center of the cage, the pair of welterweights exchange and Faraldo gets hurt. Despite this, Faraldo continues to push forward, but gets caught in a beautiful leg sweep. Faraldo finds full mount and fires away, but Chokheli scrambles out to guard. The first round will stall out on the ground with neither man showing much to offer outside of a few winging strikes and position changes.

Chokheli 10-9

Round 2

Like round one, Faraldo comes out like a bull and briefly stuns Chokheli with a flurry of strikes. Chokheli shoots in on Faraldo’s waist and pushes Faraldo to the cage. Chokheli secures the takedown and begins working from guard. Chokheli manages to find side control and lures Faraldo into giving him his back. Working the rear naked choke, the pair find themselves on their feet where Chokheli blasts a head kick that lands. Chokheli secures a single leg on Faraldo, pinning him to the cage. Chokheli grinds the position until the pair break with seventy seconds left in the round. Then BAM Faraldo rocks Chokheli and pounces on his grounded opponent. Faraldo forces the action to the cage where he blasts away at elbows. Referee Rob Madrigal suddenly takes a point away from Chokheli for holding the cage and the action falls to the mat. Faraldo slams a flurry of elbows Chokheli’s way before the round ends. Crazy round.

Faraldo 10-8

Round 3

Both men come out slower, clearly fatigued. Faraldo attempted a leg sweep but its well defended. Chokheli lands a few., then fails a takedown. The two exchange in the middle of the cage where Chokheli lands a powerful straight. Faraldo pushes forward—Chokheli pushes back and lands a blast double leg takedown.

Chokehli works his guard position, lightly peppering Faraldo’s side with body shots. Chokheli remains in a dominant position entering the final minute of the bout. The wild fight will end on the mat to the crowd’s approval. Both men embrace and await the judge’s scorecards.

Chokheli 10-9

Result: Brian Knight (28-28) DRAW

Official Result: Levan Chokheli defeats Roman Faraldo via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 3X)

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