Exclusive | Christian Jungwirth talks OKTAGON 44 “Fighting is my job and I love my job.”

Germany’s Christian Jungwirth has advanced to the next round of the Tipsport Gamechanger tournament worth €1 million.

‘The Kelt’ Jungwirth will next face Bojan Veličković, of Serbia, at OKTAGON 44 live from Oberhausen, Germany. Ahead of his June 17 showdown, Jungwirth sat down in an exclusive interview with MMA Sucka’s Tim Wheaton.

Christian Jungwirth Exclusive Interview

Thanks for your time today Christian Jungwirth! Congratulations on the win! How’s it feel moving to the next round of this tournament?

It feels good.

You’ve had a very busy schedule, two victories in less than a month! How’s the body feeling?

I had last year 2 fights in 2 weeks. Do you remember!? Fighting is my job and I love my job.

What’s the gameplan for your upcoming opponent Bojan Veličković at OKTAGON 44?

My gameplan is winning he fight with all I have.

Any beef with this opponent or is it all business?

Beef? I’m a fair sportsman. I don’t liken trash talk fighter.

OKTAGON 44 will be front of your home nation. What is does it mean to you to perfoerm in front of your own countrymen?

It doesn’t matter to me because the cage is the same everywhere. But it’s nice to fight in Germany.

You’re on track for earning the €1 million in this Grand Prix plus a the championship. What does this tournament mean to you?

It means a lot for me.

How is the growth of MMA been in Germany? How do people in the nation view the sport?

OKTAGON is doing a good job in Germany. We can be all happy in Germany what OKTAGON has done for the MMA in Germany.

Tell us about you origin in MMA, how did you start in the sport?

I started with 28 boxing. With 30 I make my first amateur mma fight without mma training. I started 2 month before I had my 3 mma fight. It was my first pro fight. Now 6 years ago.

Were there any fighters you looked up who inspired you in MMA?

Yoel Romero is my idol. He is a monster and show everybody when you have the willpower and the discipline you can achieve everything.

Where YOU, the MMA fighter, going to be in five and ten years from now?

We will see. Maybe bareknuckle.

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