Terunofuji Out, 3 Rikishi Atop July Basho

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Injury has once again plagued Yokozuna Terunofuji. The top rikishi pulls out ahead of day four competition and will thus fail to secure a second straight Emperor’s Cup.

July Basho Opens Up as Terunofuji Drops Out

Terunofuji has been forced to pull out of the Nagoya Tournament due to a lower back injury. The 31-year-old yokokzuna cites a herniated disc as the point of damage. This pull out comes after the yokozuna had lost a second straight bout at the hands of Tobizaru.

Leading Rikishi

As of day four, there are three rikishi tied for the top spot in the July basho. All three rikishi are undefeated, posting a record of 4-0. West Maegashira #14 Gonoyama, West Maegashira #7 Takayasu, and East Maegashira #1 Nishikigi all claim the top spot. There are several rikishi trailing close behind with a record of 3-1.

After pulling out of the tournament on Day 1, newly promoted Ozeki Kirishima returned to action on Day 4, securing a victory in the Bout of the Day.

Sumo fans can keep up with the July tournament with the daily highlights provided at NHK Sumo.

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