Soccer Star Mbappe Stunned by PFL knockout

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Not long ago, MMA was banned in the country of France and just a few years later we have French sports loyalty cageside for a PFL event.

French Football Star Stunned by PFL Knockout

At the age of 24, Kylian Mbappe has already accomplished so much in his football, or soccer depending on where you are reading this. He has several league titles for the largest club in his home country of Paris Saint Germain, or PSG, and has found success on the international level by winning a World Cup in 2018. Having played in front of the titans of the sport of football and on the stage such as the World Cup Final, stunning him is a hard task.

For PFL welterweight Cedric Doumbe, it took seven seconds to leave the French superstar stunned.

Doumbe earned his following and sharpened his combat sports skills inside the kickboxing ring by earning a record of 75-7-1 before making the jump to MMA. Like Alex Pereira, Israel Adesanya, and Allistair Overeem before him, Doumbe has found success quickly inside of MMA. Before making his debut with PFL at PFL Europe 3, the French-Cameroonian was 4-0 with four knockouts inside the sport.

He was slated to compete in the UFC back in 2022 but a brain scan revealed a brain bleed and thus the bout was canceled and he was released by the promotion. Fast forward to 2023, Doumbe stepped into the PFL Smart Cage and faced an undefeated opponent in Jordan Zebo. Sadly for Zebo, the former GLORY welterweight champion is not paid by the hour and made quick work of him.

Doumbe caught a head kick by Zebo and followed it up with a calf kick into a hook and that was all it took for him to announce himself to the MMA world on a big stage. That combo also put him on the radar of the French superstar Mbappe as he was left speechless and his jaw visibly hanging open.

Whether or not Doumbe will make himself a champion in MMA like the ones mentioned above, he is already making an impact. Getting the attention of Mbappe and his millions of followers is great for him, PFL, and the entire sport of MMA.

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