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Rizin Landmark 6: 5 Fights to Watch

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Rizin is back already with Rizin Landmark 6 in Nagoya later tonight. Hopefully, you saved some caffeine from last week’s show! Even though this is a much less star-studded card than Rizin 44, this show will have 15 fights. The presumed main event of Shinobu Ota vs. Naoki Inoue would’ve been a fight to look forward but with that fight changed, we can give some focus on the below-the-line fights. Here are five fights from Rizin Landmark 6 fight fans should look forward to!

Must See Fights at RIZIN Landmark 6

Ayaka Watanabe vs Machi

This is an interpromotion prospect fight that fans should not be missed.. Photo courtesy of Rizin FF.

Ayaka Watanabe (3-1) is the Shooto atomweight champion. While her sole loss was at strawweight her 3 wins have been all finishes. It is very rare for a smaller-weight women’s fighter to have striking power like she does but she has it. She trains out of one of the top women’s camps, AACC, and she will be looking to keep this fight on the feet.

Machi (3-0) is being fast-tracked by Deep Jewels as a future contender and star. The 20-year-old is mainly a grappler who utilizes her wrestling to neutralize and beat her opponents. Despite both fighters being undefeated with almost the same number of fights, they have shown they understand the MMA game.

Hideo Tokoro vs Alan “Hiro” Yamaniha

Hideo Tokoro will look to get back to his winning ways when he faces Alan Yamaniha. Photo courtesy of Rizin FF.

Hideo Tokoro (35-32-2) needs no introduction to MMA fans. The legend has been fighting since 9/11. He has fought in almost every weight class possible and has never turned down a challenge no matter how tough or bigger his opponent has been. He moves back to bantamweight for his match. He brings years of submission grappling expertise with an ability to slap on an armbar from almost any position.

Alan “Hiro” Yamaniha (20-10-4) despite being from the grappling gym Bonsai Jiu-Jitsu is not really a grappler. Instead in his fights, he comes forward with striking volume. He can be competent on the ground if it gets there but he doesn’t have the jiu-jitsu acumen as his fellow Bonsai members to submit his opponents.

Yuki Ito vs. Topnoi

Two flyweights who aren’t afraid to throw down will meet at Rizin Landmark 6. Photo courtesy of Rizin FF.

Yuki Ito (14-5) is one of the new generation of flyweights that is climbing up the ranks in Japan. Mainly a striker, he has finished some of the top flyweights in Japan including Tomohiro Adaniya, Yamato Fujita, and Yusaku Nakamura.

Topnoi Kiwram (9-5) was a regular in Rizin before the pandemic. He makes his return to the promotion in this fight after being eliminated from the Road to UFC tournament. With a strong Muay Thai background, Topnoi is known for his hellacious elbows. In fact, he once knocked out Yusaku Nakamura’s front teeth with an elbow.

Kohei Tokeshi vs. Yusaku Inoue

Someone is getting knocked out when these strikers clash. Photo courtesy of Rizin FF.

Kohei Tokeshi (7-10) is not a pretty fighter. All he does is throw. And that’s okay. A man who has fought in everything from MMA to kickboxing to Muay Thai to Lethwei, he does not turn down a challenge. He is not pretty with his striking. He just throws punches in bunches and if one of them hits you will kiss the canvas

Yusaku Inoue (10-4-1) is making his return to MMA after a 5-year layoff. He fights like a homing missile. He’s always moving and throwing combinations. He also loves to spam spinning back fists. Someone is going to get knocked out in this fight.

Takakenshin vs Hidetaka “Kaiju Killer” Arato

This is not going to be a pretty and technical heavyweight fight. Photo courtesy of Rizin FF.

Okay. There’s not much to say about Takakenshin (0-2). The twin brother of Tsuyoshi Sudario and also a former sumo, he has yet to attain success in MMA. Maybe this fight will be his first win.

Hidetaka “Kaiju Killer” Arato (9-0) is just a short, fat guy who throws punches in the hopes that they knock out his opponent.

This fight is not going to be pretty. It’s going to be “bowling shoe ugly” as Jim Ross would say. Just sit back and enjoy entertaining trash MMA.

How to Watch

Rizin Landmark 6 will be available today on Fite at 12 a.m. ET/9 p.m. PT with English commentary.

Full Card

Hideo Tokoro vs Alan “Hiro” Yamaniha
Shinobu Ota vs Shoko Sato
Tsuyoshi Sudario vs Lim Dong-Hwan
Yuki Ito vs Topnoi Kiwram
Genji Umeno vs Yuto Saito (kickboxing)
Yusaku Nakamura vs Hiroya
Igor Tanabe vs Animak☆Koji
Ayaka Watanabe vs Machi
Takakenshin vs Hidetaka “Kaiju Killer” Arato
Victor Kolesnik vs Ryo Takagi
Joji Goto vs Junya Hibino
Yutaro Muramoto vs Rogerio Bontorin
Genki Takeno vs Ryota Naito (kickboxing)
Ryuki Kirishima vs Masanari Yamada
Gin Grappling Shootboxers Gym vs Shogo Ota
Ryuki Kirishima vs Masanari

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