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EBI 14 Results

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Live from the Onnit Gym in Austin, Texas, the fourteenth instalment of the Eddie Bravo Invitational (EBI) goes down. We will be bringing you EBI 14 results all night long.

Check out EBI 14 results

This iteration of EBI will feature the absolutes, meaning all weight classes. At the top of the heap is champion Gordon Ryan, trying to secure himself as the best grappler on the planet. There are plenty of obstacles in his way and we will find out this evening if he has what it takes to prove himself.

Check out full EBI 14 results below.


Gordon Ryan def. Craig Jones via Rear Naked Choke in Second Overtime – Retains Absolute Championship


Priscilla Herrera def. Laura Heiman via Injury


Craig Jones def. Aaron Johnson via Inside Heel Hook
Gordon Ryan def. Casey Hellenberg via Rear-Naked Choke in Overtime


Craig Jones def. Marcel Goncalvez via Inside Heel Hook
Aaron Johnson def. Aaron Kimler via Armbar
Casey Hellenberg def. Jesseray Childrey via Armbar
Gordon Ryan def. Patrick Donabedian via Armbar


Craig Jones def. Andy Burke via Heel Hook
Marcel Goncalves def. Travis Moore via Rear-Naked Choke
Aaron Johnson def. Matt Kirchwehm via Fasest Escape Time
Andrew Kimler def. Rustam Chsiev via Fastest Escape Time
Jesseray Childrey def. Adam Sachnoff via Kimura
Casey Hellenberg def. Karen Darabedyan via Armbar
Patrick Donabedian def. Daniel O’Brien via Heel Hook
Gordon Ryan def. Dan Borovic via Inside Heel Hook

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