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Aleksander Emelianenko : The Emperor’s Brother

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Fedor Emelianenko’s younger brother Aleksander Emelianenko is back in MMA fight game and looking deadly as ever.

The Emperor’s Brother: Aleksander Emelianenko

Grim Reaper

Aleksander Emelianeko was very popular in the PRIDE fighting organization. Possessing hands of stone and a chin of granite. Aleksander was threatening figure and a fan favorite. Standing 6-foot-4-inches and weighing 264 pounds, not many had a chance of standing in the way of this intimidating man.

Just like his older brother Fedor, Aleksander was known for huge one shot knock out power and near superhuman recovery time. Also like his elder brother, Aleksander was quickly climbing the ranks as a superstar in Japan. When we look at the performance and record of Aleksander, and Fedor, there’s no denying these two brothers could have been as successful as any family including the Gracies and Diaz families.

Early MMA

During his career as an MMA fighter, Aleksander fought in the heavyweight division. He was booked as a Sambo and Judo specialist as well as a boxing practitioner. He gained the rank of Master of Sports in JUDO, as well as Grandmaster in the Russian combative style Sambo.

Fighting out of St. Petersburg, Russia, and a member of the Red Devil sport team, his 25 win record saw 17 of those wins come by knockout.

Aleksander first made a name for himself in the PRIDE FC ranks. He went on to fight and stack up wins in multiple organizations such as M-1, Bodog, and the short lived Affliction promotion.

Aleksander proved to have one enemy holding him back from super star status, himself.


Aleksander Emelianeko was dropped from a few promotions. He saw his contract voided by KSW, one of the largest promotions in Europe. Not long after, Aleksander was sentenced to four years and six months in prison for sexual assault, kiddnapping, and stealing the passport of his housekeeper, Polina Stepanova.

Red Devil

Aleksander did not have to serve the full term of his prison sentence. Emelianenko was granted early release and parolled for good behavior. While this part of his sentence was over, the damage done to his family and MMA career could not be undone. These mistakes would continue to affect the life of the once fan favorite, as well as his career and return to MMA.

Nearly covered with what looked like Russian underground and mafia influenced tattoos, he now had to bridge gaps and get back to rebuilding his life. With no contact with his brother and legend Fedor, Aleksander was on this road alone.


Akhmat Fight Club is a promotion ran by Chechen warlord Ramzan Kadyrov. The Chechen leader was notorious for human right abuses. Nonetheless, Aleksander signed the contract and the Akhmat F.C. promotion opened the door and gave him a way back into the cage.

Back to work

Emelianeko won his most recent fight, on March 4th, against Szymon Bajor. Aleksander completely dominated his opponent. Just as in previous fights, he stayed calm and used his height and reach as advantage. Bajor seemed desperate and reckless to keep the Russian away. With no emotion, Aleksander continued to stalk his prey and used his uppercut to completely level his opponate and take another victory.

Currently on a three-fight win streak, there is no doubt the once feared Aleksander Emelianeko still has it and remains a very dangerous man.

With his checked pass and inability to pass the blood work part of physical, we may never see him in the UFC or following his brother into Bellator. However, fans will have to settle for following the exiting career of the Emperor’s Brother from afar.

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