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Logan Speyrer: Louisiana’s Bantamweight Prospect

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The MMA scene in Louisiana is as hot as ever with the next generation ready for their turn. The original godfathers of Louisiana MMA such as Tim Credeur, Rich Clementi, and Melvin Guillard have paved the way for the current generation of stars. The faces leading the way consist of UFC lightweight top contender Dustin Poirier, UFC double champion Daniel Cormier, Bayou Fighting Championship champion Thomas Webb along with many others in the UFC.

Who makes up the third generation of Louisiana MMA stars? Where are they in their careers? Bayou Fighting Championship is home to many of the most talented fighters in the South. Not only is Juggernaut BJJ’s Logan Speyrer one of those faces, he has all the ability to be one of the very best.

Louisiana bantamweight prospect Logan Speyrer

Finding MMA

Some fighters progress to MMA growing up through other forms of combat sports. Some fighters have it bred into their DNA. Logan Speyrer is one of those fighters. The 21-year-old deadly striker is currently 3-0 with all three wins coming by way of first-round knockouts. In his last contest at Bayou Fighting Championship: Capitol City Fight Night, Speyrer took home the Knockout of the Night award with his six-second head kick knockout. Speyrer is currently the number four ranked amateur bantamweight in the state of Louisiana according to Tapology. All three of his impressive knockouts have come in this calendar year of 2018.

“Due to being unsuccessful in other sports like baseball and a bad breakup with an ex, causing me to go into horrible depression, I needed something to keep myself occupied and out of trouble,” Speyrer told MMASucka. “My brothers and I grew up in a pro-fighting household. We had our rounds with each other a good bit. Whether it was just wrestling, boxing, or fighting each other in the yard. Just this year alone, apart from my three cage fights, I probably fought at least 20 people in street fights or being jumped.”

Learning the Trade

“Much of my credit goes out to my coach Lang Williamson. He is an IBJJF world champion. And all of my teammates,” Speyrer told MMASucka. Willamson won the gold in the ultra heavyweight division at the World Masters IBJJF Championships in Long Beach, California in 2014. Williamson coaches out of Team Juggernaut BJJ in Opelousas, Louisiana. Speyrer also added, “Much of my credit goes to Lance Briley, who raised me like I was his own kid. He was always a fighter, just never got the opportunities to compete in MMA.”

The scary part of Speyrer’s game is he has yet to display his BJJ game. None of his three bouts have gone more than 122 seconds, all ending with decisive knockouts, which is a fan’s delight. Every time Speyrer has and will step into the cage, you can expect fireworks at any given second. So what does the future hold for one of Louisiana’s hottest up and coming prospects? ” As far as where I’ll be in the next five years, there’s no doubt that if I stick to my training and commitment I’ll be fighting some of the top bantamweights in the world and knocking them out.”

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