Erko Jun: Meet KSW’s Next Big Thing

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If you are looking for the most exciting up and coming MMA superstar, look no further than KSW heavyweight Erko Jun. In the matter of a couple of years, Jun has taken a hobby and turned it into a new career. Jun joined one of Europe’s largest and most prominent organizations after a successful bodybuilding career. His 3-0 record with be put to the test Saturday November 09, 2019 when Jun headlines KSW 51 to take on Mariusz Pudzianowski.

Early Days of Combat Sports

Jun has only been training full time in MMA at UFD gym the last two years. Like most fighters, his fandom started at an early age. ” Martial arts were always apart of my life. As a kid my father pushed me to defend myself,” Jun told MMA Sucka. “I practiced Taekwondo for awhile and after that, kickboxing. After suffering a leg injury I had to start with fitness at the age of 16. That’s when I started with my fitness/bodybuilding career but I always followed the MMA world. As a kid I also used to watch all Bruce Lee and Jean Claude Van Damme movies.”

Training with the Best

Jun calls UFD Gym home. UFD Gym (University of Fighting in Dusseldorf) was founded in 2013 by Ivan and Tomislav Dijakovic. It’s home to many of the best fighters in the world ranging from KSW to the UFC. Two years ago Jun walked into the gym to train with friend, current KSW welterweight champion Roberto Soldic. “UFD is one of the best gyms out there in the region; high level athletes and coaches. The first months were a torture for me, but I believe you have to train with lions to become a lion,” Jun stated. “The good thing is that everyone is helpful and wants there teammates to succeed. I think it’s very important for any MMA gym. Now I’m sparring with the best fighters out there and doing rounds and I feel great.”

Destroying the Competition

Debut Bout

Typically the question asked with any heavyweight is, “What is their endurance like?” So far Erko Jun has a total cage time of 5:06 seconds and has answered many questions about his skill and dedication he has toward the sport. Jun showed patience in his very first outing against the Polish heavyweight Tomasz Oswiecinski at KSW 44 when Tomasz rushed in to try and finish the fight early. After getting hit with a big strike from the brutish big man, Jun composed himself and returned to his “stick and move” plan before dropping Tomasz with a lights out right hand. Instead of the word “endurance” or “cardio” being used to question Jun, the word “composure” should be used to highlight Jun.

Returning to the Cage

In his second bout just a tad under four months later at KSW 45, Erko Jun battled the much more seasoned Popek Monster. Jun’s overall composure level is what made him much more comfortable in this bout. He took center control of the cage, unlike his debut where he was caught on the during several exchanges. The front push kick and leg kick were used to keep Popek at bay. After clearing a clinch in the cage, Jun showed composure and returned to his game plan, not getting caught up in the moment or fearing his game plan was not working. The round ended with Jun entering the second round for the first time in his career. Turning into the second half of the second round, Jun ended the fight with ground and pound showing his ability to handle a fight on the mat.

Quick Knockout

In his most recent outing at KSW 49, Jun entered the cage with a man just as strong as him in Akop Szostak. Jun controlled the center of the cage and dropped Akop with a right hand. Jun pounced on top until the referee called a stop to the action 32 seconds into the first round. From bout one to this matchup with Akop, Jun’s progression in the sport has been evident. “Conditioning is number one in my opinion. Like I said before I’m not paid by the hour for my performance and I would rather finish the fight quick than to go all rounds and suffer from injuries,” Jun told MMA Sucka. When conditioning is taken seriously like how Jun takes it, it allows you the confidence to enter the cage and throw heavy strikes.

Joining KSW and the Future

It is quite the task to enter an organization such as KSW with such a spotlight already on you. Jun knew early in his MMA training that he wanted Europe’s top promotion to be his MMA home. “The first time I went on their [KSW] show to support Roberto Soldic, that’s when I knew I WANT to fight in THIS cage,” Jun stated. “The show is unbelievable. You can’ compare it to other promotions. They really have something different and their productions are high level.”

Looking to improve his record to 4-0 including a main event showing in the organization’s first trip to Croatia, it’s possible we may see Erko Jun with the KSW heavyweight title down the road. Not only is he a mentally strong, determined fighter, but he has taken the sport very serious and has given it his all. A fighter that is the complete package like Jun is a once in a million thing. If you have not seen Jun in action before, go back and watch his fights. You will see the continued evolution of his game fight to fight. This will no doubt turn you into an instant fan.

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