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KSW ended 2019 with an amazing show with KSW 52. The nine fight card saw seven of the nine fights end by way of finish. The main event saw a clash between KSW legend Mamed Khalidov and the current KSW middleweight champion Scott Askham at a catchweight. The event also saw the first title defense of interim featherweight champion Salahdine Parnasse

KSW 52 Review

Michal Wlodarek vs Srdan Marovic

The opening bout of the night was nothing short of fireworks as Polish striker Michal Wlodarek battled the undefeated Srdan Marovic. The bout started out with Wlodarek taking the center of the cage and throwing a couple very heavy strikes to judge his distance. It was the beginning of the end for Marovic when Wlodarek landed a huge right hand that made him lose his balance. Wlodarek pounced in and dropped Marovic before landing a few strikes on the downed opponent leading to the referee calling an end to the bout. Wlodarek was announced the winner via first round TKO.

Maciej Kazieczko vs Michael Dubois

Up and coming Polish lightweight Maciej Kazieczko took to the cage to challenge dangerous French fighter Michael Dubois. Both fighters looked confident starting out. After a few strikes thrown to create their distance, Kazieczko’s first right hand that connected floored Dubois leading to a clean knockout. Less than 30 seconds into the contest and Kazieczko was declared winner.

Michal Michalski vs Albert Odzimkowski

A clash of two Polish welterweights saw Michal Michalski enter the KSW cage for battle against countryman Albert Odzimkowski. Both fighters were coming off of knockout victories and a second victory in a row would do wonders in the welterweight division. Odzimkowski looked solid starting out landing a series of low kicks and controlling the cage. After an early eye poke by Odzimkowski, Michalski started to find his jab while Odzimkowski continued to press on with the leg kicks. There was a very brief tie-up in which Odzimkowski clipped Michalski with a big knee but Michalski instantly returned to his feet. After a series of jabs, Michalski landed a huge hook that dropped Odzimkowski.

Odzimkowski returned to his feet after eating some hammerfists and hit Michalski with some heavy right jabs of his own. Leading up to about 90 seconds left in the round, both fighters looked to be hunting for the knockout after dropping their respective opponent in the round. Michalski caught Odzimkowski with a series of strikes that caused Odzimkowski to lower to his butt on the canvas. After the shot he rushed in with shots and once Odzimkowski turned over and turtled up, the referee called a stop to the action. Michalski was declared the winner via second round TKO.

Former Champion with Impressive Showing at KSW 52

Artur Sowinski vs Vinicius Bohrer

Former KSW lightweight champion Artur Sowinski returned to the KSW cage for the second time in 2019 looking to end the year with a victory. After a tough decision defeat to current interim lightweight champion, Norman Parke, Sowinski entered the cage ready for battle. The man standing across the cage from Sowinski was Vinicius Bohrer, making his first fight since December 2018. The first 40 seconds or so saw both fighters dance in the center of the cage. Sowinski was able to sneak in a nice front kick in this time frame. Sowinski threw a heavy left leg kick which dropped Bohrer through Bohrer’s guard. The referee jumped in and immediately stopped the contest. Sowinski was declared the winner via first round knockout.

Lone Female Fight but Does Not Fail to Deliver

Karolina Owczarz vs Aleksandra Rola

The women of KSW never fail to put on an amazing show. Making her third appearance in KSW and looking to go 3-0 as a professional, Karolina Owczarz stepped into the cage to meet equally as driven and 3-0 undefeated Polish fighter Aleksandra Rola. Both flyweights have bright futures and heading into this bout it showed all the makings of an amazing battle. Owczarz came out the gate quickly with a series of combos. The majority of the round took place on the cage with Rola pressing Owczarz against the cage. With just a bit under one minute left, Rola finally landed the takedown she was looking for.

Rola shot in as the second round began but Owczarz caught Rola in a guillotine as the two went to the mat. Owczarz maintained the bottom position, attempting submissions until the referee stood the fighters up with about 80 seconds in the round. Rola went right back for the takedown, bringing the action to the ground. With about one minute left, Owczarz attempted to lock in an armbar. Owczarz’s smoothly transitioned into a triangle choke which sealed the victory for her.

Russia’s Undefeated KSW Jewel

Shamil Musaev vs Grzegorz Szulakowski

Russia’s best chance for KSW gold, Shamil Musaev, returned to the KSW battlezone for a matchup with Poland’s KSW veteran Grzegorz Szulakowski. With an impressive debut in April 2019 at KSW 48 which ended in a first round knockout, Musaev would love nothing more than another finish to pave the way to an eventual title shot.  Musaev spent the first minute of the bout throwing low kicks. With Szulakowski’s attention on the low kicks, Muszev threw an impressive spinning back fist that sent Szulakowski crumbling to the ground. After following it up with a few shots, the referee jumped in stopping the action. Musaev was declared the winner via first round knockout.

Lone Title Fight Brings the Action at KSW 52

(IC)Salahdine Parnasse vs Ivan Buchinger

After securing the interim featherweight title at KSW 48 in April 2019, Salahdine Parnasse took to the cage for his first defense. KSW did not give him an easy task, facing Parnasse up with Cage Warriors veteran Ivan Buchinger. The young French phenom, Parnasse, was undefeated with 13 victories entering the contest against Buchinger, a veteran of 43 professional fights. Since entering KSW, Parnasse has earned a record of 4-0 with a couple of those victories over former champions. Most of Parnasse’s victories have come by way of decision. 23 of Buchinger’s 37 victories have come by finish.

Parnasse did exactly what he needed to do and kept enough pressure on Buchinger to not allow him to get into a flow. Parnasse’s striking has visibly improved each bout and this one was no different. Especially in the first round, Parnasse’s strikes were coming off very quick and seemed to be much faster than Buchinger anticipated. About half way through the second round, Parnasse dropped Buchinger with a big shot but Buchinger was able to recover almost instantly. The second round saw a good bit of the action on the cage but Parnasse did a great job controlling the pace. Parnasse was able to take all five rounds and show the world he is ready for whatever KSW has to offer.

Co-Main Event Between Two Polish Olympic Medalists

Damian Janikowski vs Szymon Kolecki

Former Olympic medalist Damian Janikowski took the MMA world by storm when he entered KSW and won his first three bouts in a row by knockout. Across from Janikowski stood another Olympic medalist, though in weightlifting, Szymon Kolecki. Coming into KSW 52, any true KSW fan knew the judges would be able to take this fight off. Within the first minute, several strikes were exchanged with Janikowski actually dropping Kolecki momentarily. Janikowski was able to score a couple early big takedowns but Kolecki was able to return to his feet right away. Kolecki did a great job in the first round preventing Janikowski from truly utilizing his wrestling game.

Janikowski looked tired in the beginning of the second round. Trying to implement his wrestling game truly wore out the bronze medalist. Kolecki looked a bit tired as well but his strikes had a bit more pop on them and his striking defense was much better. With about two minutes left in the round Kolecki poured on the striking display which led to the referee stepping in to stop the action.

KSW 52 Main Event

Scott Askham vs Mamed Khalidov

KSW legend Mamed Khalidov made his return to the cage after last competing in December 2018 to take on middleweight champion Scott Askham. Khalidov was KSW’s last middleweight champion before vacating the title to challenge Tomasz Narkun in a rematch before his retirement. Askham competed in a four-man tournament and walked away the new champion. This is Askham’s first bout since winning the title, though this is a catchweight bout with Khalidov.

Khalidov looked impressive in the first round against Askham. This is the first time we have seen Askham really having to work hard on the ground. The second round saw Askham take control with practically the whole round taking place on the mat. Khalidov spent the whole time on his back with Askham keeping control on top. The third and final frame of the contest saw more of Askham controlling the bout on the mat. With this impressive showing, Askham is on his way to paving his own legacy in KSW. A potential champ vs champ bout with light heavyweight champion Narkun is always a potential future matchup.

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