iKON 2 Recap and Immediate Reaction

iKON 2
Photo courtesy of iKON Fighting Federation

iKON Fight Federation held their 2nd event, iKON 2, Thursday night. It went off without a hitch and it was a good night of fights as well. It was very entertaining to watch on Fight Pass. TJ DeSantis and Din Thomas were doing play-by-play and color commentary respectively and giving good insight on the fights. The event gave us a tight seven fight card outside in San Carlos, Mexico ending the night with the main event between Alejandro Flores and Andy Perez.

Flores comfortably beats Perez In a unanimous decision Win 

Alejandro Flores was coming off a loss in the Dana White Contender Series so he needed this win to get his momentum back and he did. Pre-Fight and post-fight Andy Perez was jawing at Alejandro Flores consistently. But when it came down to the actual fight, it seemed as if he was outmatched. This was your typical striker versus grappler matchup. Alejandro Flores being the striker and Andy Perez being the grappler. Flores was the clear favorite throughout the fight dominating in all aspects. Perez made it interesting with his demeanor but other than that he had nothing to offer to Flores. Flores won unanimously, 30-27 on all scorecards.

Bella Mir Ends her night on top

Bella Mir, daughter of former UFC Heavyweight champion Frank Mir, got a win in her pro debut at iKON 2. It was a well-earned decision with all judges scoring the fight 29-28 in favor of Mir. As for her fight style, it’s not hard to believe ”like father like daughter” applied to her superior grappling. It was not a one-sided beating by any means. Danielle Wynn gave her best in the striking department. Overall, Mir needed a tough fight like this for her debut. But as the commentary team said this was her first fight. She’s had no amateur bouts, only grappling competitions, so this went very well for the 17-year-old.

Jonny Parsons Activity Rewards him with his second TKO in a Month

Johnny Parsons is starting to make him a name for himself in the iKon Fight Federation promotion. He has fought in the promotions first two events. In the second round, he caught the kick of Juan Ramon Grano, took him down, and gave him loud and consistent ground and pound until the referee stepped in. The TKO was officially recorded 3:19 into the second round.

Official Main Card Results

Eraj Aliev def. Eric Olea via unanimous decision: 29-28 29-28 30-27.
David Briones def. Alejandro Corrales via Submission Kimura 1:27 in round 2.
Pedro Rodriguez def. Jorge Olea via TKO 1:25 in Round 1.
Daniel Palomares def. Anthony Jimenez via Rear Naked Choke Submission 4:55 in round 3.
Jonny Parsons def. Juan Ramon Grano Via TKO 3:13.
Bella Mir def. Danielle Wynn via unanimous decision 29-28 on all scorecards.
Alejandro Flores def. Andy Perez via unanimous decision 30-27 on all scorecards.


Wrap Up

Overall iKON 2 was a very entertaining card with multiple finishes and high-paced action, though it is a bit concerning how some of the fights played out on the ground. The iKON promotion uses a traditional boxing ring which is different from grappling in a normal cage. Multiple times in the Palomares v. Jimenez fight both fighters went through the ropes. It added another unexpected element to the fight with multiple stoppages and center restarts, which gave an advantage in the fight to Palomares in the ending sequence. Other than the constant restarts it was very easy to watch and many people are looking forward to the promotions 3rd fight card, next month in San Carlos, Mexico.


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