Henry Corrales Conquers Girtz: What’s Next for the Featherweight Contender

Henry Corrales
Photo courtesy of Bellator MMA

Henry Corrales defeated the hard-hitting Brandon Girtz with a beautifully technical performance at Bellator 250. Girtz made his featherweight debut Thursday against the 145 pound veteran Henry Corrales. Both men were looking to bounce back from losses.

Henry Corrales Knocks off Brandon Girtz

As the bell sounded, both men came out with thunder in their hands. Stylistically, Girtz fought as he always has. With aggressive forward pressure, Girtz opened up with huge charging shots. Girtz led the charge on most of the early exchanges; however, Corrales started to pick up on Girtz’s timing and landed significant counter strikes. Early in the first, “OK” implemented an inside leg kick that threw off Girtz’s timing.

The second round was reminiscent of the first. Corrales continued to chop at Girtz’s legs, read his timing, and counter with hard, crisp shots. Despite any efforts from the aggressive former lightweight, Corrales controlled the center of the cage. In the latter half of the second round, Girtz showed favor to his lead leg, as Corrales was able to damage it. With Corrales commanding the tempo of the fight, Girtz returned to his corner down two rounds.

Realizing he was behind, Girtz turned up the heat at the sound of the final bell. Although Girtz still had plenty in the tank, the Minnesota native was unable to push off of his base due to his compromised leg. As the last ten ticks passed, it was clear Corrales outclassed Girtz.

In an odd turn of events, one judge gave a 30-27 nod to Girtz, surprising even him. Henry Corrales defeated Brandon Girtz by split decision, 30-27, 30-27, 27-30.

With the featherweight world grand prix underway, its hard to see where the 34-year old fighter will go next. It would be interesting to see him run it back with the former two time featherweight world champion, Daniel Straus.


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