What are the Most Successful Betting Types for UFC Fights?

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - NOVEMBER 07: A general view of the Octagon during the UFC Fight Night event at UFC APEX on November 07, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC)

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the premier and most popular mixed martial arts organization globally. With its over 12 fights per event, this fight gives gamers unmatched opportunities to bet on the sport. While betting, however, a player needs the flexibility to leverage specific predictions that will help them earn money. This is why it is important to learn and understand the betting types that are more successful in UFC. It is crucial to realize that although there are many bet types, you do not have to use all of them. For further information all about UFC betting make sure to visit Thepunterspage. Here you will find an extensive guide about placing bets on UFC fights and an overview of the best bookmakers for UFC bets.

UFC Money Line/Match Bets

Money Line is the most common and popular bet type in MMA. Here, you get to pick your presumed winner of the fight. If Conor McGregor is fighting Donald Cerrone, for instance, and you bet that Conor will beat Cerrone, it doesn’t matter in what round your pick gets to win or how they do it; what counts is the win.

When assessing players, sportsbooks focus on the players’ records, power, defenses, ground game, experience, and the striking ability, among others. These are the details used to give a price tag to each fighter. Unless the combatants are considered to have equal strength, you will notice variations in terms of price, defining the favorite and the underdog.

In the Las Vegas fight, for instance, between Conor and Cerrone, Conor was priced at -242 Pounds while Cerrone got +188 Pounds. In the UFC betting odds, whenever you notice a minus sign, it is an indication of the amount you have to wager to earn a profit worth 78 Pounds. A plus sign on the other hand indicates the amount a player stands to win should their pick gain victory.

Over Under Round Bets

The Over-Under Round Bet is the other most successful bet in UFC. This is a prediction you have to make on how long the fight is expected to last. If you believe it will be a short fight, you bet on under, and if you foresee a long battle, you bet on over. It is to means that if you bet the fight will be over in under 2.5 rounds, it should be over before 2 minutes and 30 seconds of the third round for you to win.

Betting the over on 2.5 rounds means that the fight has to end after at least one second of the 2 minutes 30 seconds of the third round. Here, it does not make a difference who wins because what matters is when the fight ends. Only use this bet type when you have an understanding of how the fight will go. If you believe that the stronger fighter will beat the underdog in the first round, bet under. Should you then make a pick of the fighter likely to win and when you believe the fight will end and get both right, you will be having a very bright payday.

Prop and Victory Bets

Prop bets allow gamers to bet on different outcomes, not necessarily on the fighter you believe will win. This is a special wager, whereby something is proposed and gamers get to bet on whether it will happen. If you, for instance, bet that Corner gets to throw more jabs and he does but gets beaten by Cerrone who knocks him out with just one stiff one, you still get to win. Victory bets are also popular. You could, for instance, bet that the fight will end in submission, TKO/KO or by decision. Many times, the victory bets are not attached to a fighter, meaning that you just have to hope the fight ends in the way you selected.

Pairing UFC Bets

In UFC, you are not limited to making one type of bet on an ongoing fight. If your prediction is strong, you can make several bets on how you believe the fight will go. If, for instance, you believe a fighter like Conor will take the day’s win, you don’t just have to stick to that. Instead, you could also bet that he will win by knockout, under 2.5 rounds. If you are right on all these bets, it means walking away with a large payout. With this type of combination, if Conor wins the fight but on submission and not knockout as predicted, you get to lose the under over round bet but win the money line bet.

Betting in the UFC can be highly lucrative and exciting, only when you know how the game goes. By leveraging your knowledge in martial arts, you can make a handsome profit. While gambling is more of betting on a game of chance, sports betting tends to be a very profitable long-term exercise. Take time to monitor how experts and bookmakers line up their predictions. If you are looking for the best UFC bet types, this is what you need to leverage to get your victory.

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