Will Floyd Mayweather ever fight an MMA fighter?

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The idea of boxers coming up against MMA fighters has captured the public’s imagination in recent years. It is a great way of comparing athletes from different genres, and it can give us the chance to see fighters that we might never have dreamed of ever seeing in the ring together. One name that is often mentioned in this respect is Floyd Mayweather.  The boxer from Michigan retired in 2015 after a glittering career and made a short comeback in 2017 when he took on Conor McGregor. Might his future hold another battle with an MMA fighter in it?

Another bout with Conor McGregor

One of the most memorable boxing matches of the last decade saw Floyd Mayweather beat MMA fighter Conor McGregor. The bout took place in August 2017, after months of intense speculation, with the WBC Money Belt up for grabs.

It ended with Mayweather winning with a TKO during the 10th round. That gave the boxer the record for the longest active unbeaten run in professional bouts, with his 50-0 record seeing him edge past the legendary Rocky Marciano.

McGregor started the fight well and seemed to be in control of the early stages. However, Mayweather later confirmed that he planned to let the Irishman punch himself out. It worked, as McGregor visibly tired, and Mayweather was able to cruise to a comfortable win.

Does he need the money?

It is no secret that older, retired boxers often come out of retirement for a final paycheck. That is usually due to them needing to sort out cash problems. A good example can be seen in Mike Tyson’s latest comeback attempt.

Tyson made a comeback in 2006 to earn money to help ease his financial worries. In 2020, at the age of 54, the former world champion will face Roy Jones Jr in an eight-round exhibition fight in California. Does Mayweather have similar financial problems that could force him to step back into the ring?

If we look back at the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight in 2017, it was said that the boxer made $100m from it, while the MMA star took home at least $30m. Would he be able to pick up the same amount of money in a re-match in the next year or so?

Current estimates suggest that his net wealth sits at somewhere over $280m. A career spanning two decades saw him pick up over $1bn in prize money. So, if he arranges another fight, it won’t be because of serious financial issues. Yet, he is known to always be on the look-out for another big paycheck; a lucrative package could tempt him.

Would he win?

Floyd Mayweather said the fight against McGregor would be his last, although we then saw him take on kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa at the end of 2018 in Tokyo. The boxer won easily on a TKO in the first round.

Since then, he has kept a relatively low profile. Would he still be in good enough shape for a high-profile bout? It seems certain that he has stayed fit, so it could come down to whether he has retained the competitive edge that has seen him win so many fights over the years. At 43, his best years are behind him, but exhibition fights could be a smart way to keep the money rolling in.

The fight with McGregor also showed that he has the experience and knowledge to out-smart younger, fitter fighters. If he were to take on an MMA star, we certainly wouldn’t be in a rush to bet against him. It is likely to be a big hit with the type of person who loves to use the various sports betting Indiana sites that are now available online.

What happens next?

At the end of 2019, it was reported that Mayweather and UFC President Dana White had shaken hands on an agreement for a crossover fight or two in 2020. It could be that the pandemic this year has put back any plans the duo have for more spectacles of this type. Even before this, it was reported that he was mourning the death of an uncle and ex-girlfriend and wouldn’t fight in 2020.

Mayweather has regularly hinted that he is happy to take on more MMA fighters in the boxing ring. He recently reiterated this desire, fueling talk of a re-match with Conor McGregor. It would undoubtedly be a bout for us all to look forward to and a chance for one of boxing’s biggest names to show us what he can do again.

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