The Way Too Early Prediction, Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren

If anyone were to tell me Ben Askren and Jake Paul were going to compete in a boxing match last year I would have laughed in their face. I would have even wagered a good sum of money that such an event would never occur. Well, I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t because it’s happening.

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren Prediction

If you didn’t see the news, check out our article announcing the fight, and I’ll wait here.

Ben’s Big Problem

If one were to pull up YouTube and search “ben askren striking”, it wouldn’t take them long to find the illustrious striking ability of “Funky”. This, of course, is a joke. Ben Askren, known for his wrestling (and for good reason), did not have to rely on a strong stand-up game whilst competing in MMA. Ben’s striking is so lacklustre, he’s even made note of it himself.

However, Askren will be competing in an arena in which he cannot wrestle. This will force Askren to strike, and if he doesn’t seriously improve his ability in the next few months, the outcome for the former NCAA Division 1 Collegiate National Champion will be devastating.

The Opposite Side of the Coin

Jake Paul will be competing in his third ever professional boxing bout. In his last outing, he slept Nate Robinson in the second round of action, in turn creating an unfortunate meme of the former NBA star. But, with what experience Jake Paul lacks, he makes up for in heart. Although he has received much criticism over the past few years (for a variety of things), it’s hard to argue his boxing hasn’t improved. Ben Askren will be his biggest test yet and could ultimately determine the course of the rest of his combat sports career.

The Way Too Early Prediction

Jake Paul will out last Ben Askren and win via unanimous decision in their eight-round clash. Paul has a bigger dog in the fight and his striking is simply better than Askren’s. This fight, by no means, will be easily won. There will be blood and bruises for both men, but in the end, Paul will have his arms raised in victory.

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