5 MMA Fighters Who Support Marijuana

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Elite athletes have been banned from their respective sports for using cannabis. From the likes of former NFL player Ricky Williams to players in the NHL and NBA. Well, MMA fighters are no different.

5 MMA Fighters Who Support Marijuana

In the past, marijuana was illegal and many fighters had been penalized and suspended for months on end. As of January 2021, the UFC made an announcement that their policy had changed and fighters would no longer be punished for marijuana use.

On this April 20, we figured we’d dive into five MMA fighters who support marijuana.

5. Mike Perry

‘Platinum’ Mike Perry is an open weed smoker. Being seen on video on his social media account, as well as Tweeting to Nick Diaz, “If @nickdiaz209 wants to fight I’d be down to welcome him back. We can smoke weed all week together and I’d still put these hands on him @ufc”

4. Jon Jones

The king of not only the light heavyweight rankings and arguably one of the GOATs, but Jon Jones is also the king of suspensions. Between PEDs and other notable substance violations, Jones is a marijuana advocate.

In an interview with USA TODAY, he detailed how he has been a “pothead” and a “hippie” using cannabis all throughout his high school and college wrestling career and sometimes in between matches.

3. Elias Theodorou

The former UFC fighter, Theodorou is the world’s first MMA fighter to earn a cannabis exemption. The 33-year-old fought at Rise FC 6 in British Columbia, which is where he became the first cannabis pro-sanctioned fighter to compete.

He has been pushing hard for this to become the norm.

2. Sean O’Malley

Coming in at number two is ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley. He not only smokes but has his own strains as well.

A large marijuana smoker, rapper Snoop Dogg was on the commentary team when O’Malley earned his UFC contract at Dana White’s Contender Series. During an interview on the MMA Hour podcast with Ariel Helwani, O’Malley said that Snoop Dogg asked to meet him, via MMA Fighting’s Danny Segura:

“Right when I walked into his trailer, he handed me a joint and I was pumped. It felt like a movie because I walked into his trailer and he’s got his body guards, he’s got a couple of other people in there, and there was like three joints going around.

“I was puffin’ and passin’, trying to keep up, and they had a TV in there playing highlights of my fight, so were watching that and smoking, it was so much fun. It was only like 20 or 30 minutes, but it was a good time and a memory forever.”

1. The Diaz Brothers

The myth that is the Diaz brothers will always be somewhat of a mystique. Nick and Nate have been avid weed smokers for their entire careers. From a fighter’s perspective, it hasn’t hurt their abilities. However, Nick faced lengthy suspensions after violating marijuana protocols.

Nate even went as far as smoking a CBD vape pen during a post-fight press conference.

They launched a CBD-infused, plant-based nutrition company called Game Up.

Who are some other MMA fighters who support marijuana usage?


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