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Marcelo Garcia to be inducted into ADCC Hall of Fame

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The ADCC induction lineup gets bigger with every week leading to the upcoming World Championship. It was announced on Monday, that Marcelo Garcia will join Roger Gracie and Andre Galvao as an inductee into the ADCC Hall of Fame. 

Amongst his achievements are four ADCC championships, with the first title won in 2003 after defeating Renzo Gracie and Vitor Ribeiro. Two years later he won again in his weight class, but the biggest sensation came in the absolute division when he submitted former UFC heavyweight champion, Rico Rodriguez by heel hook. In 2007 he won the third championship and submitted each of his opponents. The final title win came in 2011, and Garcia added victories over both Kron Gracie and Leo Vieira to the list of his accomplishments. 

But he was also successful outside of ADCC competition circuit. When it comes to grappling in a Gi, Garcia shows as much prowess as he does in submission grappling and he has five IBJJF world championships to prove that. He also has wins over such renowned grapples such as Murilo Santana, mentioned Andre Galvao, and Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu. Today Garcia is a respected BJJ instructor, who has awarded black belts to elite-level competitors like Matheus Diniz and Gianni Grippo.

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