Tiffany van Soest and Tyjani Beztati Added to GLORY Collision 4

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GLORY Collision 4, on October 8th, continues to add more talent. It was recently announced that Tiffany van Soest, the GLORY Women’s Super Bantamweight Champion, will be defending her title against Sarah Moussaddak. Additionally, the GLORY Lightweight Champion Tyjani Beztati has been added to this event and will be facing the winner of Stoyan Koprivlenski vs Guerric Billet. This title eliminator is coming up this weekend on GLORY 81: Ben Saddik vs. Adegbuyi 2 on August 20.

The main event of GLORY Collision 4 will see the end of the trilogy between Alistair Overeem and Badr Hari. These two are tied in their series with one win each, having fought in 2009 and 2010. This highly anticipated fight card will also have an interim heavyweight championship featuring the winner of this weekend’s GLORY 81 main event between Jamal Ben Saddik and Benjamin Adegbuyi, the winner will face Antonio Plazibat on October 8 for the GLORY Interim Heavyweight Title.

Tiffany van Soest vs Sarah Moussaddak

With the GLORY Women’s Super Bantamweight Championship on the line, the US-born titleholder ‘Timebomb‘ Tiffany van Soest will be looking to add more title defenses to her esteemed record. She has defended this title in multiple fights including most recently her TKO victory over Manazo Kobayashi earlier this year. In an interview with MMA Sucka, ‘Timebomb’ said she loves to fight and describes what it’s like being in the ring, she explained:

“Everything goes quiet when I’m in there. I enter, I get on this different frequency where my senses are super, super heightened. Everything is in slow motion and hyper speed at the same time. It’s like the air around me feels different. While there’s so much chaos essentially going on, it’s like, I’m at peace because I’m in a different flow state. I’m in a different dimension, it almost feels like.”

The French-Moroccan kickboxer Sarah Moussaddak will be looking to take the championship off van Soest on October 8. She is a titleholder in ISKA and WAKO with a 7-2 record professionally. On Instagram, when this fight was announced, she said, “The time has come! Morocco in force at #collision4.”

Tyjani Beztati to Defend his Title

The Moroccan-Dutch world champion Tyjani Beztati will be returning later this year in another title bout. He had just defended his title via KO earlier this year against Canada’s Josh Jauncey. Regarding this career-defining performance, he told MMA Sucka, “We didn’t show everything that we practiced but you know that’s for another fight.” Beztati was disappointed he ended the fight so quickly because he had more to show. Fortunately, his next opponent is being arranged.

GLORY 81 on August 20 will be selecting his next title challenger with the Stoyan Koprivlenski vs Guerric Billet fight. The Lightweight Kickboxing Champion sat down with Tim Wheaton of MMA Sucka to discuss this fight in an interview. He said:

“Now I’m back because I’m already hungry for the next … To be honest you know they’re two different fighters. I fought Stoyan twice, the first time I lost and the second time I won my fight, I did it in a fashionable way, you know I gave him actually a kickboxing clinic.”
To see the full interview, see below:

Tiffany Van Soest and Tyjani Beztati will both be defending their titles at GLORY Collision 4 on October 8.

Featured Image Credit Courtesy of GLORY Kickboxing.

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