Withdraws, Debuts, and Highlights from the 2023 September Basho Day 1

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Grand Sumo returned to the big stage today in Sumida City, Tokyo, Japan, as the first day of the September (Aki) tournament kicked off in electric fashion. With the tournament selling out all fifteen days, the sumo fever is alive and well in the Kokugikan Arena.

September Basho Day 1 Withdraws, Debuts, and Highlights


Yokozuna Terunofuji is staying on the sidelines for the September tournament, opting to emphasize the recovery of his back injury that forced his withdraw from the July tournament.  Hakuōhō, the notable Top Division rookie of July, would also sit out of the tournament due to a left shoulder injury.


The sole debutant to the Makuuchi Division of September was Atamifuji. The 20-year-old rikishi earned the top spot in Juryo in July and would make his debut as the East Maegashira #15. He would face the West Maegashira #14 Kotoshoho on Day 1 and earn a yorikir (frontal force out) victory over his rival.


Kagayaki would make a successful return to the Top Division as the East Maegashira #16 when he knocked off Daishoho via yorikiri. Gonoyama earned the crowd’s approval by besting Shonannoumi when he locked up an oshidashi (frontal push out). Mitakeumi would also find victory via oshidashi over crowd favorite Endo.

Takayasu dispensed of Oho in lightly quick fashion in a dominant showing and Kotoeko would defeat Hiradoumi via sukuinage (beltless arm throw) to the crowd’s applause.

Kotonowaka made a successful debut to the sekiwake ranks, knocking off Shodai and the newly promoted Ozeki Hoshoryu defeated Abi via the rare technique tottair (armbar throw). In perhaps the biggest moment of the day, Hokutofuji would upset Ozeki Takakeisho via hatakikomi (slap down).

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