The Return of “Jesse” James Wallace

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“Jesse” James Wallace. The marauder out of Mississippi. We had the chance to catch back up with him after his win at LFA at the end of November, and we have another tale to tell you. “Jesse” James Wallace rides again.

James Wallace returns

First thing is first, Wallace is always looking to improve.

“I’ve been working on a little bit of everything. But, we like to work on the grappling and the clinch, top game,¬†and wrestling. The stuff that grinds you out, makes you tired, and what people hate, that’s what we do every day. That way, when we’re in there, everyone else hates it, we’re at home,” says Jesse James.

His hard work shows. Riding a three-fight win streak, he’s constantly looking more and more polished every fight.

James Wallace came away with a win at LFA 55 in just over a minute, with an insane triangle-armbar. While he thinks his opponent was his toughest to date, he also thinks he was just the better and stronger fighter that night.

“We knew he was going to come hot out of the gate, right in your face, and he was going to push you up against the cage and that is exactly what he did. So I just circled away. We clinched up. Once we grabbed each other I knew I was much stronger than him. I grabbed double under hooks and took him down pretty easily.

I got him in the Khabib position where I trapped his legs in-between then went to pounding. Got a few strikes in then he got a high hook on me and left his other hand on the ground and just jumped the triangle and went for it. I’m willing to go for it to get the finish. He tried to slam me once and then,¬†triangle-armbar. It was a quick night.”

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After the exciting finish, Wallace is riding high on his accomplishments and is hoping for big things in 2019. “I beat him in a minute and a half, triangle. Got out of there quick. I’m looking to get back in LFA next year and we’re going to push for the Contender Series. I got eight wins and eight finishes. You know they like exciting fights so that’s in my favor,” Wallace says. And he might be right. With a name like he has, and all eight of his wins as finishes, he’s just the exciting talent the UFC wants on their roster.

“I’ll fight whoever, I don’t care whoever it is. If you don’t want the baddest dude, you are in the wrong sport.”

As for what’s next in the immediate future, LFA is where he wants to stay unless a title opportunity shows up.

“We’re going to take whatever LFA offers. If they don’t offer fast enough, I can be fighting for a title in March in Tupelo, Mississippi. That’s a for sure thing in March if nothing comes out before that. I’m just taking the rest of the year off, healing up and spend time with my family, then right back into it in the new year.”

LFA is the premier funnel organization for the UFC in the United States. With recent signings like Juan Adams, Maycee Barber, and more, the UFC gets a lot of its future stars from the promotion who wants to be the college football of MMA.

“I love LFA. I fought for Bellator and I think I like the LFA experience better. They took care of me. Anything I needed, they got it. The exposure for LFA is great. They funnel their guys to the UFC, they want you to go to the UFC. So I feel like they’re going to promote me and push me the right way.”

The fruits of his labor are showing. According to Tapology, James Wallace is currently the number one prospect in Mississippi, and number three in Tennessee. Wallace says, “I got the number one as an amateur, but seeing it as a pro is awesome. I’m actually three in Tennessee but the top two guys just lost, so I think I am jumping up to number one there, which would be really awesome. I’m happy with number one in Mississippi, but both would be even better.”

Just talking shop…

Right after Max Holloway dismantled Brian Ortega at UFC 231, the MMA world was on fire for Holloway. He’s looked invincible and Jesse thought so, himself. “What a battle. It’s just certain fighters that can make world-class athletes look like they don’t belong. It looked like Brian didn’t know what to do and Brian is a world class athlete. Just the pace and the pressure. It’s just too much,” says Wallace, in complete disbelief of how great Holloway looked.

And, of course, the big one. Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson 2. The first fight has been dubbed by many as one of the best fights of all time. Now, we rematch and have fun all over again. James Wallace gave his thoughts on the upcoming super fight.

“Jon Jones, of course. I think he’s the best ever. His out of competition stuff is what it is, but once he’s in there, nobody can touch him. He’s just the best. I’m not just saying that because he’s first round management, he’s just the best. He’s a bigger badder Anderson Silva. Everybody thought he was the best and Jon is better than him.”

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