Is Bellator Still the Number Two MMA Promotion?

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This week’s MMASucka podcast focuses on one fundamental question: Is Bellator Still the Number Two MMA Promotion? The podcast crew, Frazer Krohn and Tim Wheaton go in-depth as to why Bellator are struggling to maintain their spot as the number two MMA promotion.

It’s clear for all to see and has been since it hit the mainstream, that the UFC is the number one MMA promotion in the world. In most cases, their champions are the pound-for-pound best fighters at the given weights. Yes, other promotions have their own top talent, however, it’s widely accepted that the UFC have the best of the best. They put on the biggest cards, with the most compelling fights and have the biggest stars.

You can check out the full podcast below:

Is Bellator still the number two MMA promotion?

Bellator has fallen behind in recent times and has arguably been overtaken by other promotions. Despite putting on interesting tournaments on paper, the outcomes of the tournaments are becoming predictable. Aside from the tournaments, their events aren’t always headlined by their biggest or upcoming stars. On top of all of this, their events are too inconsistent. For example, they only have three further events planned for 2022, despite there being two months left of the year. Not only this, but one of these three events is a co-promotion with RIZIN. Their niche simply doesn’t stand-out enough anymore and therefore, they are being caught up by other promotions.

ONE Championship

ONE Championship is certainly catching Bellator up with regards to becoming the second-biggest MMA promotion. They put on exciting cards, with multiple different fighting disciplines throughout cards. It isn’t uncommon to see Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and Kickboxing fights all on the same card, providing fans with plenty of variety throughout the night.


The PFL are putting on exciting cards throughout the year and have their European 2023 League scheduled for next year. Plenty of fighters are leaving the UFC and PFL are benefitting from that, with names including Shane Burgos and Aspen Ladd signing with the PFL in recent times. Their ‘smart cage’ is a niche that no other promotion provides, making it more interactive and interesting for fans at home.

Their million-dollar tournament conclusion night is scheduled for later this month which promises to be a blockbuster card that, on paper, looks like one of the biggest and best cards of the year so far, regardless of promotion.

Do you think Bellator is still number two? If not, let us know in the comments below who you think have overtaken them!

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Frazer is a 26 year old MMA and boxing enthusiast from Coventry, England. He is the host of the MMASucka podcast which comes out every Monday.

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