Top 10 Kickboxing Knockouts of 2022

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What were the best kickboxing knockouts of 2022? Who had the best knockout in kickboxing this year? Kickboxing hashad  a marquee 2022 filled with incredible knockouts. The list of the top ten kickboxing knockouts can be found below. This list includes knockouts from K-1, GLORY Kickboxing, ONE Championship, ENFUSION, and RIZIN. Videos are included for each KO.

Top Ten Kickboxing Knockouts of 2022

10. Karim El Amri Knocks Out Khalid el Moukadam – Head Kick

Karim El Amri did not need a second ten-count when he landed a thunderous head kick knockout against Khalid el Moukadam at Enfusion 114.

9. Antonio Plazibat Knocks Out Tarik Khbabez – Punch

The Croatian heavyweight powerhouse Antonio Plazibat will always find an opening to win his fights. Tarik Khbabez was landing effective combinations however Plazibat continued to walk him down. He only needed one punch to end this fight at GLORY 80 Studio. Antonio Plazibat is looking to face Rico Verhoeven in 2023.

8. Roman Kryklia TKO’s Iraj Azizpour – Punches

In the finals of the ONE Heavyweight Kickboxing Grand Prix, Roman Kryklia struggled to hear the final bell of the first round against Iraj Azizpour. The Light heavyweight Kickboxing Champion Roman Kryklia was dropped and nearly did not make it to the second round. He survived and finished his opponent with a thunderous finish.

7. Taito Gunji TKO’s Shuhei Kumura – Combination Punches

Taito Gunji would continue one of the best years a fighter has had on record. The Japanese-born athlete would out-class Shuhei Kumura in the semi-final of the 2022 K-1 Featherweight World Grand Prix. With a series of knees and combination strikes, Taito Gunji proves that he is the far stronger fighter.

6. Leona Pettas Knocks Out Tatsuya Oiwa – Flying Knee

Leona Pettas is one of the most exciting fighters in today’s combat sports. In the semi-finals of the 2022 K-1 Super Featherweight World Grand Prix, Pettas would go to war and brutally KO’d Tatsuya Oiwa with a flying knee.

5. Qasham Mammadov Knocks Out Majid Shahriyari – Spinning Back Heel Kick

Qasham Mammadov landed a thunderous spinning back kick in the first round to brutally knock out Majid Shahriyari at Loca Fight Club.

4. Tomoya Yokoyama Knocks Out Stauros Exakoustidis – Head Kick

Japanese kickboxer Tomoya Yokoyama got an impressive head kick knockout against Greece’s Stavros Exakoustidis at K-1 World GP 2022 Yokohamatsuri. His third-round knockout was earned by setting up the kick with a series of knees.

3. Yuki Kasahara Knocks Out Motoki – Flying Knee

This is one of the most brutal knockouts of 2022. Yuki Kasahara drops his opponent with a series of punches but finishes him with a flying knee. Motoki was out cold at RIZIN 34.

1. Matthew Daalman KO’s Muhammed Simsek – Head Kick – Knockout of the Year

It was a back-and-forth war before Matthew Daalman kick found a home. Muhammed Simsek. It was a single-round battle in which Daalman was dropped twice, before landing a head kick to earn the victory. This battle was for the vacant Enfusion Bantamweight Title.

Honorable Mentions and More Knockouts:

Kan Nakamura Knocks Out Tomohiro Kitai – Left Straight

Kosei Yamada Knocks Out Naoki Tanaka – Punch Combination

Tyjani Beztati TKO’s Josh Jauncey – Punches

Anwar Dira Knocks Out Amir Al Amir – Punch

YA-MAN TKO’s Sumiya Ito – Punches

Guto Inocente TKO’s Bruno Susano – Spinning Back Kick and Punches

Masaaki Noiri Knocks out Kona Kato – Uppercut

Antonio Plazibat Knocks Out Raul Catinas – Punches

Ilias Zouggary Knocks Out Lambis Dingas – Headkick

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