BFL 50 most memorable moments – #9

BFL 50 takes place on July 8 from the Vancouver Convention Centre in the city’s downtown core. We are just 10-weeks away from the massive all amateur event and that means has a huge series in store for the British Columbia promotions marquee event.

Each and every weekday for the next 10-weeks, MMASucka will bring you a different article. They won’t be your average fight story. Instead, we will have 50 of the most memorable moments in Battlefield Fight League history. Just so you know, these are in absolutely no particular order.

Check back daily for a new article leading up to BFL 50.

9. Grappling in a cage

I wanted to take you down memory lane, from very distant memories to some more recent ones. The number nine memory on my list was not all that long ago, in fact it was just over one year ago.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and grappling scene in British Columbia has blown up over the years and it is easily at its highest point ever. In mid 2016, BFL decided to do something a little different. They contacted some of the highest level grapplers in the lower mainland to see if they would be interested in a super-fight inside the cage with a completely different rule set than they were used to. Well guess what? The answer from them was a resounding YES.

At BFL 43, in front of the Hard Rock Casino fans, six grapplers took to the cage. Clint Cooper defeated Dion Wu by a score of 8-0, Matt Kwan defeated Kabir Bath by a score of 10-0 and David Perron beat Chris Anderson by a score of 6-0.

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You might ask yourself, how did the points work? Well let me break that down a little.

The matches consisted of one eight minute round. Unlike any other submission tournament on the planet, when a competitor taps another competitor out, the match is not over. Say what? Yes, you read that correctly. Submissions in minutes 1 and 2 count as 1 point each, submissions in minutes 3,4, and 5 count as 2 points each and submissions in minutes 6,7, and 8 count as 3 points each. If it’s a tie at the end of the eight minutes it goes to a sudden victory, two minute overtime round.

With much applause from the grappling community, Battlefield decided to bring it back from BFL 44. There were two matches on this card, as Lupita Godinez defeated Ali Cranmer by a score of 5-0 and Rafael Escobar defeated Alex Green by a score of 5-0.

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The promotion put the grappling on the back burner for the next four cards, but is expected to bring it back for BFL 49 on June 24. If you are interested in testing your BJJ skills inside the cage, then you can fill out the form here.


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BFL 43 was not the first event that Battlefield had put on that had a submission grappling match. At BFL 2, in front of the River Rock Casino faithful, former UFC fighter Kalib Starnes defeated Nick Hinchliffe by judges decision in one five minute round.

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