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Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3 Preview and Predictions

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This has been a rocky year for the combat sports world. We have seen many MMA and pro wrestling shows get thrown upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One show that was affected was Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3. They were supposed to go on with a big show on Wrestlemania weekend that included the first Gotch-Robinson Tournament. While that show was canceled, Bloodsport made waves when it announced it’s return show for October. Check out the bookmaker with a great sign up offer for future events. We will look through all the matches and talk about the competitors. If you need to get familiar with the style of Bloodsport, here are some matches that show why it is the hardest hitting pro wrestling.

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Single Elimination Women’s Tournament: Lindsay Snow vs. Leyla Hirsch & Allysin Kay vs Killer Kelly

The first tournament in Bloodsport history will be headlined by four female wrestlers. Photo: GCW

This will be Bloodsport’s first official tournament in the promotion’s history. They were going to put on the Gotch-Robinson tournament during Wrestlemania weekend this year but of course, COVID ruined it. While this is a smaller-scale tournament the competitors, all four competitors are elite pro wrestlers.

First up will be “Kaiju Power” Lindsay Snow taking on “Legit” Leyla Hirsch. These two have history with each other. They fought almost a year ago for Title Match Wrestling with Hirsch coming out the victory by pinfall.

Keep in mind though that was a pro wrestling match with traditional pro wrestling rules. Snow with her experience in Bloodsport and her jiu-jitsu background will be a handful for Hirsch. Snow will have to contend with Hirsch’s pure strength. Once she is able to grab an opponent you are on a one-way ticket to Suplex City. The other issue is if Hirsch has had enough time to prepare for this competition. She is a late replacement for Deonna Purazzo and is also wrestling before the Bloodsport show. Hirsch will need to be of sound mind and body if she’s going to make it past it Snow.

Allysin Kay and Killer Kelly are two of the biggest names on the independent women’s wrestling scene. Surprisingly they have never clashed in any sort of pro-wrestling competition. Kay is a former NWA women’s champion while Kelly is a former wXw women’s champion. Both have competed in multiple tournaments including the Mae Young Classic for WWE. They will both know the pacing and rigors to compete in a tournament.

Kay has competed as a pro-MMA fighter submitting her opponent and is 1-0 in Bloodsport by knockout. Kelly has faced some of the toughest competition around the world and come out on top. Kay though could be her toughest opponent to date. Kay will bring that grappling and striking knowledge to this fight. Kelly is going to be bringing her grit and tenacity to this match. The longer the match goes on, the more likely it will favor Kelly who could capitalize on an exhausted Kay.

Prediction: Lindsay Snow by submission, Allysin Kay by knockout. Snow by submission to win the tournament.

Erik Hammer vs. Kal Jack

When Erik Hammer made his return to pro wrestling last year for Bloodsport 2, he looked like hadn’t missed a step in his game. Not only was this U.S. debut as he had only wrestled in Japan previously. But it was almost four years since his last match. He submitted JR Kratos with a head and arm choke. He brings with him fierce strength, a catch wrestling background, and MMA knowledge as he helps coach fighters such as UFC’s Beneil Dariush.

“Grizzly” Kal Jak you may not know is NCAA Divison 1 athlete. Having been coached by the great Jim Zelensky at Oregon State University (he was on the same team as Colby Covington), he is a guy who can take you down at will and you just have to enjoy the ride. He also has been training in jiu-jitsu and I think will bring a great ground game to this match.

Prediction: Erik Hammer by submission.

Calvin Tankman vs. Alexander James

Will Tankman be able to use his strength and speed to overpower James? Or will James manage to destroy the big man’s limbs? Both are making their Bloodsport debut. Photo: GCW

Calvin Tankman has made a name for himself as on the independent scene as one of the fastest rising stars. Wrestling for Bloodspot will add to his extensive resume. In case you don’t know much about him, he is built like a tank and has the speed and agility of a 170-pound junior heavyweight (he weighs in about 350 lbs.) He is a natural athlete who did amateur wrestling in middle school and is a former division 1 recruit in football. He is wrestling on another show as part of The Collective for that week so he will want to make sure he uses his energy wisely. He will need to be the better athlete and look to finish James quickly so he can end his wrestling week in with all his limbs intact.

Alexander James is a great example of the Horace Greely quote “Go West, young man.” Well in James’ case he went East to Germany. He reinvented the way he wrestled when he joined wXw and was under the tutelage of great power wrestlers such as Walter. He has earned the nickname “Pain Prince” for good reason. He will make you regret that you ever stepped in the ring with him. Tankman maybe the bigger man but that just gives James more opportunities to stretch and destroy his limbs. Look for him to wear down the big man and as soon as there is opening try to submit or knockout Tankman.

Prediction: Alexander James by knockout.

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Josh Alexander

Very few wrestlers are continuing the catch wrestling knowledge passed down by Billy Robinson. Davey Boy Smith Jr. is one of those continuing the lineage. Son of the late great British Bulldog, Smith Jr. has not only made his name as tag team champion but a singles wrestler who is a force to be reckoned with. He brings with him his catch wrestling background, Brazilian jiu-jitsu training (he is a NAGA champion), and strong stand-up game making him a great all-around wrestler. He is also undefeated in Bloodsport matches. Look for Smith to use strength to immobilize his opponent on the ground and work a painful submission to get the win.

If you wanted to know the definition of tough, you’d see a picture of “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander next to the word. He has suffered multiple injuries while wrestling including a broken neck. Instead of tapping out, he continued to wrestle to the finish of the match. Similar to Smith Jr., Alexander is an accomplished tag team wrestler but can pull out the win when booked for a singles match. Alexander is your meat and potatoes wrestler. He isn’t going to wow you with anything fancy. As soon as the bell rings, expect him to wear down his opponent with strikes, takedowns, and a suplex to get the knockout win.

Prediction: Davey Boy Smith Jr. by submission.

Matt Makowski vs Simon Grimm

These two submission specialists will look to take home a limb in their Bloodsport returns. Photo: GCW

“Weapon X” Matt Makowski has shown that MMA could be one of the bases for pro wrestling. With an MMA record of 6-2, Makowski has shown to successfully adapt to the Bloodsport style. He successfully knocked out his opponent in his debut last year. If his opponent wants to stand, he can knock them out at any moment. If it goes to the ground, he brings his black belt jiu-jitsu knowledge with him and can choke out his unlucky opponent. He’ll look for his opponent to give him an unexpected opening and then go in for the kill.

Simon Grimm has made a name for himself on the independent circuit as one of the most dastardly figures. You might just think he is a character, but beyond that is a calculated wrestler. When he is in the ring, he likes to be 10 steps ahead of his opponent. If you give him an inch, he’ll take a mile (and possibly a limb home). Look for him to utilize suplexes and armbars to capitulate his opponent into submission.

Prediction: Matt Makowski by submission.

Homicide vs. Tom Lawlor

This match has the chance to become a wild brawl. Photo: GCW

Having Homicide on a Bloodsport card is like a fever dream. At one time he was one of the most feared pro wrestlers in Ring of Honor (he did once pour bleach down the throat of Colt Cabana in one of the most notorious feuds in the promotion.) He has now evolved into a crafty veteran who brings his tough, streetwise upbringing to his matches. Don’t let that think he is a one-note wrestler. He has trained in jiu-jitsu and catch wrestling. He is as tough as they come and fights every match like it’s his last.

Tom Lawlor needs no introduction. The former UFC fighter has made a successful career as a pro wrestler. He is a Bloodsport veteran, wrestled for MLW, and NJPW. A black belt in jiu-jitsu, his 2020 as a pro wrestler has been nothing but successful. Expect to see less of the charismatic shenanigans he usually engages in. He’ll look to utilize his collegiate wrestling background and get a submission win.

Prediction: Homicide by knockout.

Jon Moxley vs Chris Dickinson

Chris Dickinson has become a mainstay at Bloodsport shows who always comes to fight. While he is 1-2, his two losses have been against Dan Severn and Josh Barnett. He brings with him to the ring his taekwondo and karate background. He strikes fast and strong with nearly 100% accuracy. If his opponent takes him too lightly, the last thing they will see is palm strike to their chin.

It goes without saying that Jon Moxley is the 2020 wrestler of the year. He is undefeated in singles matches, is the reigning AEW world champion, and the IWGP United States champion. He has defeated Minoru Suzuki, Jake HagerChris Jericho, and countless other names. This isn’t the fun, wacky clown that you saw in WWE. Moxley is a ruthless fighter who has incorporated MMA into his matches. He has finished matches with bulldog chokes, rear-naked chokes, and knockout. Look for Moxley to bring the intensity that he brings to every match and not give any breathing room to Dickinson.

Prediction: Jon Moxley by submission.

Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 3 will be airing live on FITE.TV at 8pm EST. You can order the show here.

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