BKFC 27: MVP vs. Perry Preview

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England is getting spoiled this weekend from a combat sports perspective. They get to see two of their own fight for glory in rematches. Both involve world titles in Leon Edwards and Anthony Joshua while also getting an always entertaining BKFC event.

In one of the more unique main events that the company has put together, which is saying something, Bellator is lending a helping hand. Michael “Venum” Page will be facing former UFC fighter Mike Perry and to say the trash talk has been normal couldn’t be further from the truth.

How We Got Here

Page is coming off just the second loss of his MMA career when he lost to Logan Storley in a close decision. The bout was for the interim Welterweight title while its current champion Yaroslav Amosov continues to defend his native Ukraine from the invasion it faces from Russia. While the welterweight division is at a standstill, Page hopes to stay active in a more unique way thanks to BKFC.


As for Mike Perry, he is coming off back-to-back wins in different boxing matches after a UFC release. He competed at the first Triad Combat event back in November of last year, he looked much improved and was able to show he is capable of defense. He followed that up with a highly anticipated bout with Julian Lane that had boiled over several times. He would earn a decision win against the former Ultimate Fighter competitor and now looks to march towards a BKFC title shot.

War of Words Continues to Entertain Into Saturday

Mike Perry has never been one to come off as the most stable of human beings. Despite his flaws, he is one hell of a fighter, which cannot be denied. In the leadup to this fight, he has given a lot of warnings to Michael Page but he is curious to see what happens when he hits Page.

“I want to see what happens when I do connect with you and I do get some cuts on your face. I want to see what happens then…”

All of this was said at the BKFC press conference this week for the event. He wasn’t done however, he would go on to say “You slippery little snake boy. I’m coming after you. I’m coming for you. You should be worried, MVP. I’m a psychopath.”

Apart from Perry going full send on the mental warfare, Page has given his own verbal jabs as well. Back in June, Page was talking with John Morgan of the MMA Underground and he gave a very interesting quote. 

You are coming to London. So, I’d suggest you be careful, just a little bit…and it’s not because of me, it’s because of how other people will take it. They seem to take it a lot more seriously than me… You might run into a little bit of trouble if you go too far.

Altogether, both men have proven they are very eager to get things going tomorrow afternoon. It is going to be very interesting because a lot of these fights that BKFC have that get a lot of build-ups, can kind of fall flat. Lane and Perry was very much the entertaining spectacle we all had hoped for. 

With Perry being in this bout with Page it does have us lean towards thinking this is going to deliver. In terms of a technical breakdown there is one question that needs to be answered, will Michael Page stay on the outside and use his reach advantage or will Perry turn this into the brawl he wants it to be? 

Whoever proves to be the lead in this dance is going to have a significant advantage over the other.

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