GLORY Announces Rico Verhoeven vs Antonio Plazibat for COLLISION 5

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BREAKING: GLORY Kickboxing has just announced the heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven will face Antonio Plazibat GLORY COLLISION 5, at a later date. It was announced this Thursday at a press conference with GLORY.

The fight is confirmed but with no date. Originally it was to be in March, but due to Verhoeven suffering a knee injury, it has been delayed to later 2023. But will be hosted at the GelreDome in Arnhem, Netherlands.

Rico Verhoeven vs Antonio Plazibat at GLORY COLLISION 5

The GelreDome will see the Dutch-born Verhoeven face the Croatian knockout machine Plazibat sometime in 2023. Proud Dutchman Verhoeven won the GLORY Kickboxing Heavyweight World Title in 2014 and has since defended this throne in ten impressive bouts. Verhoeven has notable wins over fighters including Badr Hari, Jamal Ben Saddik, Benjamin Adegbuyi, Daniel Ghiță, Gökhan Saki, and several more. The GLORY heavyweight king was busy for much of the past calendar year filming the movie ‘Black Lotus.’

Croatia’s Antonio Plazibat has rightfully earned his place as the top contender in this division. Recently, he has put together a four-fight consecutive knockout win streak. This heavyweight striker had earned the K-1 Heavyweight Grand Prix in 2017. Throughout his career, Plazibat has defeated notable fighters such as Raul Cătinaș, Tarik Khbabez, Benjamin Adegbuyi, and Jahfarr Wilnis, among others.

Combat sports fans have long been waiting to see Verhoeven and Plazibat battle with the GLORY  Heavyweight World Title on the line.

Last year, Plazibat spoke with MMA Sucka in an interview regarding that fight against Verhoeven. He said:

“I’m waiting to take his head off … First round he’s trying to do a little bit of his stuff, coming in getting caught. And second round getting caught. First knockdown, second knockdown, third knockdown. Bye-bye.”

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