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Vasyl Lomachenko vs. Teofimo Lopez – The Breakdown

Last weekend saw another super-fight between Vasyl Lomachenko and Teofimo Lopez where no one got humiliated. We'll drudge up the coffin to put the...

Boxing vs UFC: What is the best combat sport in the world?

One of the most interesting debates of the last few years. Boxing vs the UFC: who wins? Boxing has a very rich history. Through...

Pro Wrestlers In MMA #3

There is a lengthy history of pro wrestlers crossing over into MMA. From the nascent days of this sport, professional wrestlers have indulged their...

Cross-Training for MMA

Cross-training for MMA includes a wide variety of activities that can benefit your mind, body, and over all martial arts game.

Grit: Strengthening the Fighter’s Mindset

Dr. Paul Gavoni and Dr. Alex Edmonds take a look at the concept of grit, and how to develop it during training.

Weight-cutting do’s and don’ts for MMA

Mixed martial arts has taken major steps towards professionalism and acceptability in the mainstream. With the rise of  Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), more and...

Champ Beware: Defending the Title May be Harder Than Winning It

Dr. Paulie "Gloves" Gavoni, and Dr. Alex Edmonds, analyze what a champion needs to be aware of to remain at the top of MMA heap.

Top Five Exercises for MMA Performance

In this latest piece for Fight Science, Phil Daru breaks down his top-five exercises for MMA performance.

Agility Training for MMA

A lot of times when you hear the word agility you think of ladder drills and cones. Every video of “agility training” has had...

The Importance of Power-Endurance for MMA

Many fighters have the power to be dangerous inside an MMA cage. But that doesn't mean it can be sustained over the duration of...

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